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Maximum Heart Rate & Heart Rate Zones

When you exercise, your body speeds up, and so does your heart as it works to meet your increased energy needs. But how much speeding-up of your heart is safe when you exercise? You need the answer to this question in order to maximize your exercise benefits while not overworking your heart.

Target heart rate - The ideal intensity level at which your heart is being exercised but not overworked. The formula for obtaining a target heart rate equals 220 minus your age x 60% - 85%, depending on the individual's fitness goals and physical condition.

**Zone 1 - Low Intensity zone: 40% - 52% of max Fun, comfortable pace with cardiovascular benefits and some fat burning. Good for beginners or people who haven't exercised in a while.

**Zone 2 - Weight Control zone: 52% - 64% of max 65% of calories burned are fat. More intensity in this zone strengthens your heart and works with Zone 1 in building a good solid cardiovascular base. At least one day per week you should work out in this zone to recover from a relatively hard workout in the aerobic zone (next) or higher.

**Zone 3 - Aerobic zone: 64% - 76% of max Progressively more intense, yet not exhausting. Look for improved breathing and blood circulation. Great zone for fat burning,muscle strengthening, confidence-building, and general fitness. 45% of calories burned in this zone are from fat. More fat is actually burned in this zone because the total number of calories is greater, so this is the best zone for weight loss.

**Zone 4 - Anaerobic zone: 76% - 88% of max Improves endurance and general fitness level. Pushes your anaerobic threshold (fat-burning zone) higher, allowing for a more efficient use of fat as an energy source at higher intensities. Do workouts in this zone in short spurts on only 2 - 3 days per week.

**Zone 5 - Maximal zone: 88% - 100% of max Also known as "redline training". Improves competitive athletic performance. In this zone, you're are at a high risk for injury, so it's safe to stay away from redline training unless you're a competitive athlete.

Target Heart Rate Calculator
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Exercise Accessory Turns iPhone Into Heart Monitor

By Brian X. Chen EmailFebruary 06, 2009 | 6:59:44 PMCategories: Apple, iPhone

114u4f0rpl_sl250__2 A new iPhone exercise gadget will let you listen to music while it listens to your heart.

Announced Friday, iTMP Technology's SMHeartLink is a wireless bridge device that collects data from different types of sensors, such as heart rate monitors and biking sensors. After you're done with a workout, you'd press a button on the SMHeartLink, which automatically sends the information to your iPhone via Wi-Fi.

There are already three heart-monitor iPhone apps in the App Store that work with the device: iRPM, iSpinning and iNewLeaf.

The SMHeartLink is shipping for $155. For a limited time, it includes a heart-monitor chest strap.

Product Page [via Macworld]

Photo: SMHeartLink