Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Portion Size Vital to Weight Loss

 This is what helped me lose 20lbs over a six month period. 
Portion control is the primary weapon against unwanted weight.
Portion-wise eating means having your cake and eating it too. Everything can be enjoyed -in moderation.
But this advice is more difficult to follow than ever. Oversized food portions and drinks are everywhere. We're enticed to "save" money by getting the next size up. Gone are the days of feasting when food is available, not knowing when famine will hit. We have 24hour access to food everywhere.
Most of us eat at least three times a day and if weight loss is the goal smaller meals with healthy snacks in between is advised. We don't have to approach any given meal or snack like it's the last chance ever to eat. Even if it's a special occasion, keep in mind there will be others.
When working on weight loss, remember the tennis ball tip.
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