Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally a Weight Loss Diet that Is Easy to Follow

Liquid diets. All fruit diets. All vegetable diets. All meat diets. What do all of these things have in common? All of these diets, and others, have a few things in common. For one thing, they do not provide all of the nutrients we all need to be healthy. They are bland and boring. They can be hard to follow. And they really don't work all that well. If you are looking for a miracle diet that will help you lose weight, look no further than a healthy, well-balanced diet that is loaded with fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, poultry, low-fat dairy and other healthy, delicious foods.

Many of these fad diets are really unrealistic with the things that they expect from those who follow them. A lot of these diets can actually have the opposite effect with dieters gaining instead of losing weight because they leave you feeling hungry, which, sooner or later, is going to lead you to snacking and even binging. When you follow a healthy diet that is rich in protein, you will actually feel full all day long without overeating. This is because protein-rich foods are filling and don't leave you feeling the need to snack shortly after your meals.

Delicious Healthy Foods that are Just as Tasty as Junk Food

Eating a healthy diet certainly doesn't have to be boring, and it is easy to create many of your favorite treats so they are actually healthy. For example, if you love fried chicken, why not try making oven-fried chicken? You have the delicious taste of the crunchy skin, the benefits of the poultry, but, none of the fat and calories that come from the grease chicken is usually fried in. If you love French fries, you can still enjoy eating them regularly. Instead of buying frozen fries, or cooking them in oil, cut up some potatoes, which are excellent for you to begin with, and bake them as they are. Often, these are even crunchier than regular fries, but, they are a much healthier version.

If you are the least bit creative, and enjoy delicious food, you can have a diet that is not only healthy, but fun and delicious too. There are many snack foods that you can make at home with half the calories and fat, and you also get the benefits of not eating so many processed foods. So start eating healthily, and soon you will start looking and feeling great.

Article written by Ryan Williams of Extreme Home Workout, your top source for the Insanity Workout online.