Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yoga for Flat Stomach – 3 Simple Poses

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Yoga for flat stomach can be performed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The main purpose here is not to boast your flexibility but to condition the body as best as you can. Yoga will help you develop discipline and self-control, loosen up after a stressful day at school or the office, and more importantly, it will successfully aid you in your weight loss efforts.

Here are the 3 best yoga exercises you can do to achieve all that and more:

Prishth Naukasana (The Reverse Boat Pose)
For these yoga for flat stomach poses, you might want a yoga mat to pad your body from the hard floor. First, lie face down on the floor. This primary position is also referred to as Advasana or the Reverse Corpse Position. Your next move would require you to simultaneously stretch out your arms and legs so that your abdomen is the only part of your body that is touching the floor. Stay in that position for as long as you can.
This pose will put a little pressure on your abdomen, which will help tone the area as time goes by. On top of all that, this yoga for flat stomach pose will also help in the proper function of your liver, pancreas, and other close by organs. This only means regulated blood sugar levels, improved digestion, and better looking abs.

Marjariasana (The Cat Pose)
You’ve probably seen or heard of this yoga pose in the past. First off, hunker down on your yoga mat on all four limbs. Inhale. Pull in your ab muscles, butt, and tailbone as you exhale. Make sure that as you pull in, you press down on your hands to gain more stability and force. Coiling your back will also help you get to the position more effortlessly.

By doing this yoga for flat stomach pose, you’re toning different muscle groups (especially your abs), strengthening ligaments and joints, increasing mobility and blood circulation, and building strong arms at the same time.

Supta Udarakarshanasana (The Lying Abdominal Twist Pose)
It sounds difficult, I know, but give it a try anyway. This pose is actually quite undemanding. Simply lie flat on your back, put your palms down, and rest your arms on each side. Touch your left sole to your right thigh as you take a breath of air. As you breathe out, twist your right leg toward the direction of your left hip, pull it closer to the floor with your left hand, and then twist your head to the right. Breathe in and out at a regular pace while keeping that position. Do this over and over a few times and then move on to the other leg.
Aside from burning fat in and around your hips, legs, and abdominal area, you will also experience increased metabolism, good posture, and proper digestion.

Together with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, these simple yet effective yoga for flat stomach poses will help you get that sexy tummy in no time.