Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do not take diet advice from Oprah Winfrey - WARNING: This post contains completely subjective and cynical, and completely justified, commentary.

This year Oprah Winfrey went on yet another diet. Sun rises. Perhaps her overweight viewers should be glad she doesn’t give up but don’t they long for a success for themselves and for her?

Does Oprah Winfrey have some form of Munchausen syndrome that causes her to remain fat and to fail at every diet. Does she like the cloak that fat gives her?

It’s a good thing Oprah Winfrey is wealthy so she can have a wardrobe at every size.

Oprah’s diet advice: often wrong never in doubt.
Her latest foray into the trendy world of fad diets included a 21 day stab at gluten free (and other foods)even though she had no wheat based food issues.

The 21 day cleanse based on the diet advice of Kathy Freston

Why would anyone take diet advice from a dieter who repeatedly fails? Especially a dieter who takes her advice from people with no nutritional or health education.

Why would Oprah take advice from this woman.? She has zero qualifications as a nutritionist let alone a doctor or even a holistic medical professional.

Was Dr. Oz sitting on his big fat pay check when Oprah went on the21 day cleanse drinking soy products which have an adverse impact for people with thyroid problems.

Why can’t Oprah follow the advice on her web site which is also promoted in other shows her company produces?

Why does the O have a disconnect on dieting. Why does she keep making the same mistakes?

The latest -the gluten free diet- sets back the cause of people who do have an wheat based allergy or even celiac disease. By treating a medical issue as a fad diet, Winfrey makes it more difficult for people who really have the problem to be taken seriously.

Imagine if Oprah finally had her weight under control, the old fashion way, a healthy diet and exercise, would that eliminate half of the books and people she promotes?

Does the O feels keeping on the pounds keeps her in touch with her viewers?

I struggled with my weight for as long as Oprah and when I finally eat less meat, eat more vegetables and moved around more (gave up chicken wings and coca-cola as part of my regular diet) the weight came off and stayed off.

The latest diet was also supposed to increase Winfrey’s consciousness about food. I have seen no evidence of that.

From time to time I imagine what it would be like if Oprah Winfrey lived the talk posted on her web site from people like Michael Pollan.

1. Meatless Mondays
You can do the planet and yourself a huge favor by skipping meat just one day a week. Learn more by check out the latest Meatless Monday video:
2. Shop the Outer Ring of the Supermarket
The healthiest foods are on the periphery of the supermarket, so steer clear of the processed junk in the middle aisles. In addition to being less healthy, the “food” in those inner aisles often creates the most waste and requires excessive amounts of fossil fuels.
3. Buy Organic When You Can
Buying organic and locally provides you with more nutrients for your buck and greatly minimizes the fossil fuels needed to grow and transport conventional food.
4. Only Eat Real Food
In other words, don’t eat anything your grandparents wouldn’t recognize, which generally means avoiding strange shapes, sizes and colors.
5. Start Your Own Vegetable Garden
According to Michael, growing your own vegetables is the “single greenest thing you can do”. And you know I’m a big fan of backyard gardening!