Monday, November 16, 2009

'Ch de bugre' a Diet Supplement

By Grahaam Maartin

A lowly herb called "Ch de bugre", probably not a name that comes to mind, or even one that you recognize is showing some excellent results down in Brazil where it is used by people on a diet, who want to get in shape and lose those extra pounds.

Several different types of Ch de bugre products are available here and not just to the jet set or beautiful people of Rio de Janeiro. Here it sold as an aid to losing weight and is regarded as a highly commercial product.

Here you will find Ch de bugre freely available in many forms, such as tea bags, capsules and extracts.Theses are now commonly seen in stores, pharmacies, refreshment stands and it's even its beach-front snack bars.

Ch de bugre sells especially well in the summer months, when people want to get in shape and look nice for the beach. It is helpful in cases of obesity because it gently reduces the appetite.

As a good weight loss product, Ch de bugre has been popular for a long time in Brazil. However as well as being sold as an appetite suppressant, it is used as a mild diuretic and also widely believed that it helps to prevent or reduce cellulite.

One thing that must be remembered however is this.There simply isn't a "magic bullet for dieters or people wishing to lose weight, something that would enable you to eat what you want and still lose weight. This is not going to happen in reality and Ch de bugre isn't a magic bullet either, It suppresses your appetite to help 'you' lose the weight.

The only real way to succeed with weight loss is to have a sensible, well balanced eating plan, one which has a lower calorific intake, and stick to it. Also, you should at the same time increase the amount of physical activity that you normally do to help burn off the calories that you have consumed. Ch de bugre just may help you here since it can reduce the appetite....

In addition to eating a sensible, well balanced diet there is one simple thing to remember. When you feel full, put the fork down! An idea here is that if you slow the rate at which you eat it will give the brain receptors time to say, "That's enough, I'm Full". When you get this message you listen..and Stop Eating!

So to recap what it's used for:- Ch de bugre contains natural caffeine!

There are no known side affects! How good is that!

To help tone and balance the body and also believed to reduce cellulite!

Ch de bugre contains natural caffeine!

One of the best selling weight loss products in Brazil!

Ch de bugre contains natural caffeine!

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