Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reducing Fibroids Naturally with a Fibroid Diet

If you have fibroids, you will probably have explored your treatment options with your doctor and realized that for most women, there appears to be no satisfactory solution. For women with mild symptoms, taking no action is an option as fibroids are rarely dangerous. If, however, your fibroids are disrupting your day to day life and well-being, you should certainly be proactive and healing fibroids naturally with a fibroids diet is worthy of consideration.

Firstly, it is important to understand that there is no one cause of fibroids, which is one of the reasons why conventional medicine is useless when it comes to treating the root cause. Medication can temporarily shrink fibroids, but is not a long term solution and surgery can remove individual or groups of fibroids. However, as these options do nothing to treat the root cause, the fibroids are very likely to return.

Treatment for healing fibroids naturally is only possible when you treat all the possible root causes simultaneously and a diet for fibroids is one aspect of a holistic treatment. As it is impossible to isolate the precise causes in individuals, successful treatment will include dietary measures, detoxification of the liver, exercise, herbal remedies, supplements, measures to reduce estrogen, to name a few.

Most of us already know what makes the basis of a good healthy eating plan and a diet for fibroids represents a further development on from this.

One contributory factor in fibroid growth is an excess of estrogen. Now although some of this is hereditary, there are also other sources, including from our diet and from our fat stores. Sources from our diet can include non-organic meats and from plastics and packaging, which bring us an undesirable level of estrogen mimicking compounds which the body finds difficult to eliminate. It is therefore advisable to stick to organic produce and try to buy foods which are not wrapped in plastics. Soft, microwaveable plastic wrap can be a culprit as the compounds can leach into the foods which are wrapped in them.

Drinking plenty of water is is important as not only does being well-hydrated keep us feeling better, but our organs depend on having a good supply of fluid to function well. It is known that dehydrated organs are more prone to disease and do not heal as quickly.

Eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables is an important element for healing fibroids naturally. If you can’t always get hold of organic produce, ensure you wash and dry it well before eating. Try to include a mix of “colors” as bright and darker colored produce tends to have a greater concentration of essential nutrients. Include plenty of garlic and onions as these are well-known for their healing properties.

Peas, beans, nuts and lentils are also very beneficial for healing fibroids naturally and you should make these the basis of many of your meals.

Excess estrogen is partly stored in our fat cells so it makes sense to limit the amount of fat we eat, particularly animal fats. Try to stick to healthy, vegetable based oils for cooking and if you do eat meat, ensure that you remove all visible fat. Keep your consumption of higher fat dairy produce, such as cheeses, down to a minimum. The oils found in fish such as mackerel and salmon are very good for us and should be eaten a couple of times a week.

Fiber is also an important component of a fibroid diet as fiber helps to “mop up” impurities in our digestive system and prevent food from stagnating in our intestines.

There are also foods to avoid if you are healing fibroids naturally and you will probably not be surprised at what is included. You should avoid foods which are high in sugar, saturated fats, additives, alcohol, salts and over refined foods.

Fibroids are a condition which respond very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try out a natural treatment for fibroids before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects.

It is important to understand that a diet for fibroids is just one component for healing fibroids naturally and if you want to achieve success, you will need to follow a comprehensive approach which systematically eliminates all causes.