Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Introduction to the Perricone Diet

The Perricone diet isn’t like most other diets. It isn’t meant to help you lose weight. Dr Nicholas Perricone, who designed the diet, was more interested in what would keep you looking younger for longer, as well as prolonging your fit, healthy life. The diet consists of healthy food and supplements. Anti-aging lotions are also recommended.

How does the Perricone diet work?

Basically by reducing organ inflammation and boosting your metabolism, which can also lift your mood. With the Dr Perricone diet you develop stronger immunity to cancer, heart disease and other illnesses as our immunity system is strengthened. You will feel quite rejuvenated by all this.

The Perricone diet adopts a holistic approach to anti-aging, in conjunction with the latest scientific knowledge on anti-aging. The newest information prioritizes the importance of neuropeptides, and Dr. Perricone is sure that with his anti-aging diet you will not only see your wrinkles disappear but also your excess weight too. There are a few variations of the Perricone diet which we shall consider now.

The Perricone Prescription 28 Day Diet

This is an anti-aging regime of diet, exercise and skin care which will also leave you feeling energized and looking better. You will be healthier to, with increased protection from serious health problems like heart disease and cancer. The Perricone Prescription Diet focuses on the health benefits of fish so you will be eating a lot of that!

The Perricone Acne Diet

Dr. Perricone doesn’t believe the argument that comes from the majority of dermatologists, that there is no causal link between diet and acne. He is sure that you can reduce acne by reducing the inflammatory foods like apples that you eat. Opt for them instead of bananas, which can cause inflammation.

The Perricone 3 Day Wrinkle Diet

The Perricone diet is great for easing the wrinkles which you have now, as well as reducing the rate at wich you develop wrinkles in the future. Again, omega 3 fatty acids that fish such as salmon contain are highly featured on this diet, as are the anti-aging lipoic acid an Vitamin C.

The Perricone Weight Loss Diet

You will lose weight on any Perricone diet. However, there is one of these diet plans which is specifically designed to help you lose weight. Like all these diets, on the Perricone Weight Loss diet, your meals will often be based around eating salmon. You will lose weight and tone up your body on this diet.

Dr. Perricone based all his diets on the belief that many health problems, even obesity, are caused by cellular information. This diet attempts to reduce the inflammation in your body, making it healthier.

These diets have been developed by Dr. Perricone after many years spent in the development of an anti-inflammatory diet program. This will help you lose weight, tone up your muscles, lift your mood, enhance the performance of your brain and help you look younger as your skin blooms with health.

The Dr. Perricone diet superfoods are things such as cold-water fish such as salmon, spices, peppers, nuts, seeds, fruits, whole grains and Probiotic dairy foods. You will eat a diet mainly based on these and nutritional supplements such as omega 3 fish oils, glutamine, DMAE, CoQ10m Chromium and GLA and others on any of the Perricone diets.

Dr. Perricone’s lifestyle plan to get rid of harmful inflammation also incorporates exercise and stress reduction. They have a lot of benefits. Not only will the Dr. Perricone diets leave you looking a lot younger, they will also improve your health so your body is physically younger too.