Saturday, October 24, 2009

Diabetes Drug Liraglutide Aides with Weight Loss
Obesity can lead to diabetes

A study from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark shows that the drug liraglutide can help with weight loss in obese adults. The participates in the study that took liraglutine, lost at least 5% of their body weight.
The study looked at 564 obese adults. None of them had diabetes at the start of the study. Although, one third of them were considered pre-diabetic.

The group was divided up into six groups. Participates in four of the groups received different dosage levels of liraglutide (1.2,1.8, 2.4, or 3.0 milligrams). The rest were given either a placebo or a weight loss drug, orlistat.
Those participating in the study also took in 500 calories less a day than what was needed to maintain their weight. They also exercised more.
The study lasted for 20 weeks. All of the participates on liraglutide lost more weight than those just on the placebo. Those on the highest dosage lost more than anyone else in the study. They lost 15 pounds over 9 pounds for those on orlistat and 6 pounds for those on the placebo.
Another benefit that the study showed liraglutide also helped with was to reduce blood pressure. Reduction of blood pressure was seen regardless of what the dosage level was.
Liraglutide is an injected medication for typed 2 diabetes. It is currently under review for approval by the FDA. It was approved in Europe earlier this year and goes by the brand name Victoza. Nausea and vomiting are the most common side effects for liraglutde.
More studies will have to occur before the the FDA approves liraglutide. One of the concerns to still be looked at is if liraglutide causes thyroid tumors.

Being overweight is a factor in diabetes. If liraglutide is approved it could be a great help in not only in treating diabetes, but also in preventing it. Plus as the study showed, liraglutide can assist with weight loss in obese adults.