Friday, September 4, 2009

Prevention is best cure for dreaded swine flu

By Nancy Jerominski
September 2, 2009

While in Lacey a couple of weekends ago I heard my partner's mother comment on the "Swine Flu Ready to Explode" headlines in the Olympian.
We all should be "bracing for a second wave of Swine Flu infections that could sicken millions of people and contribute to the hospitalization and deaths of thousands, including many children and young adults."
That article is one taken from Washington Post Staff Writer Rob Stein's 8-10-09 column. It shrieked dire warnings about what "could" happen with this new flu pandemic.
According to Marc Lipsitch, there will "fairly" be "tens of millions of illnesses and hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of deaths. That's not atypical. It just depends on how many tens of thousands."
I immediately thought, as is typical, "'They're' fanning the fires of panic again." The authorities urge us all to get the Tamiflu anti-viral drug, which "generally appears to continue to be effective."
"Generally appears"?! These immunizations have mercury and aluminum in them! Why on earth is it OK to put these two highly toxic heavy metals into our bodies if they "generally appear to be effective?"
Who's making lots of money fanning the fires of panic in an already sick and tired America?
Check the CDC numbers; the reality is that this flu has only "played a role in at least 1154 deaths" globally! "436 have died in the U.S."
Here's the critical thinking part: 750,000 people die in this country every single year (and that number is rising) from chronic "common diseases" like cancer, diabetes and heart disease! Those numbers are a lot higher than this flu has taken so far worldwide.
Buried in the hysteria of this Washington Post article is this jaw-dropping snippet:
"'This epidemic will transmit faster than usual, because the population is more susceptible,' said Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health... 'Most of those who have developed serious illness and died have had other health problems. But those include many common conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and obesity. '"
There is nothing common about diabetes, asthma and obesity in the amazing history of human evolution and survival! These are serious chronic conditions arising from the nutrition-less glut of food we eat and the mind boggling amount of chemicals and pesticides we're exposed to daily that were not around 200 years ago.
My partner brought home this bulletin from Seattle Children's Hospital for the employees to prevent getting the flu: "First and most important, wash your hands. Try to stay in good general health. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids (this ought to say "water", otherwise, as is typical American, folks will drink sodas, teas, etc.) and eat nutritious food."
Imagine...illness prevention by living healthy lifestyles to keep us from getting really sick.
Robust health is our best prevention for a "possible" flu pandemic. If we're vital and strong and get the flu, we'll be sick but likely won't die.
America's grocery carts are packed with cereals, sodas, cookies, ice cream, diet foods and chips, which is why there are so many of us with "common" diseases that will ultimately make most of us highly susceptible to serious consequences of this flu.
Those dire headlines really ought to read: "Fast Food Poised to Kill 1 Million Americans."
If 750,000 of us are dying every year because we eat cheap food, why aren't we stampeding away from The Golden Arches and the Colonel's buckets in a panic?
We've become accustomed to mounds of cheap food. It is the ultimate illusion.
And what's the vaccine for that ultimate illusion? Taking the personal responsibility to stop eating SAD CRAP, hydrate with clean water and exercise.
The old adage, "Prevention is the best cure" couldn't ring more true. But who makes money off of that kind of vaccine?
The views expressed in this column are for information only and not intended to replace your current medical protocols. Always consult your health practitioner before undertaking any dietary changes or exercise programs.

Nancy is a CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise coach and an ACE certified, IDEA awarded Master personal fitness trainer.