Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get Michelle Obama's Toned Arms

What's her secret ?  Well first of all Michelle Obama has what is known as a Mesomorph body type , same as me . A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique . They find it quite easy to gain and lose weight. They are naturally strong . Michelle Obama's body type affords her the luxury of not having to spend too much time in the gym before the results start showing up in the mirror . The down side of that is that unlike Ectomorphs , Mesomorphs gain weight at the drop of a hat if there not careful . A classic example is former Guess model Anna Nicole . I bet Michelle Obama  reads the tabloids and some of the nasty press sometimes before a work out  for a little motivation .  
Michelle Obama's arms are sexy  and they seem to be getting better all the time .

Since where on the subject of sexy arms why don't we discuss what makes a sexy arm ? To me it's in the curvature and the balance between muscle and fat , long lines and deap slopes  . You need a little fat in their to get that plump , curvy  vivacious look , it talks to a man's inner instincts , it tells a man that a woman's healthy and would make a good mate . I never was attracted as  much to  the overly sinewy look that celebrities like Madonna are known for .
Bottom line : First lady Michelle Obama  has the sexiest arms of any first lady in history , it's not even close , can we agree on that ?  On a scale of 1-10 I would give them a 9.5
Want to know what the sexiest and most discreet part of a woman’s body is? Her arms! Here's the biggest benefit of having (Michelle Obama) toned arms: You can flaunt them in almost every outfit and in any social setting, from seductive strapless dresses to staid work blouses.
Building your triceps, which run along the back of your upper arm, will allow you to better extend your arms and will stabilize shoulders. Toned triceps also will minimize the appearance of saggy underarm fat. Try this exercise called the “skull crusher.” Let’s begin!
Step 1: Hold a pair of dumbbells and lie on the ball so that your head and neck are supported. Elevate your hips slightly, and keep your abs tight. Extend the dumbbells straight up with your palms facing each other.

Step 2:
Tilt your arms behind your head slightly. Breathe slowly and rhythmically as you bend your elbows and lower the weights through a count of 10 seconds.

Step 3:
Hold at the maximum tension point, about an inch above your forehead, for 2 seconds.

Step 4:
Raise dumbbells to the starting point through a count of 10 seconds.

Step 5:
Repeat three times without resting.