Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alicia Silverstone Takes it All Off for Peta

Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA

A Message from Alicia
Like most people, I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals. If you ever have a chance to meet a cow, pig, turkey, or goat, you will see that they are just as cute and funny as your dogs and cats and that they, too, want to live and feel love. They don’t like pain. Now when I see a steak, it makes me feel sad and sick because right away, I see my dog or the amazing cows I met at a sanctuary. I’ve been vegan for 10 years, and it’s the single-most important and helpful decision I have ever made. Physically, the effect has been amazing. Once I went vegan, I lost the weight I wanted to lose, my nails were stronger, and my skin was glowing. I feel great, and I look better now than I did 11 years ago.

Being vegan truly is the secret to my life’s joy and peace. I feel physically and spiritually better than I could have ever imagined knowing that I am doing everything I can to reduce animal suffering with simple lifestyle choices like being vegan, never wearing any products made from animals (like wool and leather), and buying only from companies that NEVER test their products or ingredients on animals.

Celebrity Diet Doctor Weigh in…
Provocative ad to say the least. Alicia is clearly taking an ethical stance on her decision to go vegan/vegetarian.

From a nutritional perspective we clearly need to get more unrefined fruits and veggies into our diet. However, remember there are junk vegan and vegetarian diets. Refined carb products full of sugar and white flour are technically vegan and vegetarian. A vegan diet can be a very healthy diet when it consists of unprocessed fruits and veggies, but it is deficient in B12 vitamins and the Marine form of Omega-3. While the plant form of Omega-3 has shown some health benefits, the majority of cardio-protective and neuro-protective benefits have been with the marine form.

Peta had chosen Houston to air the ad because it has the dubious distinction of having some of the most unhealthy eating habits in America. Houston was also ranked by Men’s Fitness Magazine as the 6th fattest city in America. The ad implied that a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle can give you a beautiful body, although it obviously seemed to rile up a few feathers in the Lone Star State.


PETA has one great marketing team; they’ve clothed Cloris Leachman in a dress made of cabbage leaves and de-clothed Alicia Silverstone for a controversial nude PETA ad. However, their latest ad campaign on a Jackonsville Florida billboard doesn’t involve any celebrities but it has meat-lovers in a frenzy. The ad implies that obese women are like whales and if they go vegetarian they will be thin. The text reads as: Save the Whales. Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian.

Scott Johnson, a local reporter with WJXT interviewed the PETA representative Ashley Byrne and she claims that the ad is a humorous way to grab people’s attention. She said,

“People are bombarded with ads for foods that make them fat and unhealthy. PETA’s ad campaign is empowering for consumers because it highlights that a vegetarian diet is the best way to battle the bulge.”