Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'The picture you can't stop talking about...'

The editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine, Cindi Leive, was on the show this morning to talk about a photo in their latest issue that has drawn a lot of attention.

Courtesy: Walter Chin/Glamour Magazine

Leive writes on her blog:
It's a photo that measures all of three by three inches in our September issue, but the letters about it started to flood my inbox literally the day Glamour hit newsstands. (As editor-in-chief, I pay attention to this stuff!) "I am gasping with delight...I love the woman on p 194!" said one...then another, and another, and another and another and another. So...who is she? And what on earth is so special about her?
Leive explains:
"The woman on p. 194" is actually 20-year-old model Lizzi Miller, and this is her second appearance in Glamour, shot by fashion photographer Walter Chin.
Lizzi Miller joined Leive in the segment this morning to talk about the reaction to the picture.


I just saw the piece on Lizzi Miller and say thank you for showing us a real person. Love the piece and love Today Show. Thanks Miss Illinois
How can we call a size 12-14 a plus-size? They can still buy clothes in the Misses Dept. Try being a 1X or 2X - your dept is in the basement or the 3rd floo - we are plus size people.

Now try to buy a business suit - you have the choice from three black suites, one grey suit and one brown. If you are a 12-14, you can choose from over a hundred styles and colores (I just did this in Macy's)
Why are you referring to this beautiful woman as a PLUS SIZED model? Didn't you say she was the size of the average American woman. What kind of a message are you sending?
I just finished watching the segment on the picture of the “plus-size” model in Glamour magazine. It truly is a great picture which depicts a beautiful woman with her minor flaws bared. I am glad that you chose to highlight this issue. However, you (Today Show/media) continue to play into the hands of the fashion industry, which depicts ‘normal’ through women who are mostly underweight by medical standards. Throughout the entire segment, your title at the bottom of the screen was “Plus Size…”. A woman wearing a size 12 to 14 is normal and average! Any young teen size 12 or 14 watching, seeing the beautiful Lizzi Miller portrayed as “plus size” has just had their own self image damaged. Shame on you for not choosing an appropriate title for this otherwise positive segment!!
I loved this segment. Thanks for putting it on. I'm the same size as Lizzie Miller and I love the pic of her, it's so real and great to see her love of herself shine through. We need more women like her as role models. She really made me feel better about myself today! It's good to see what "real" women look like and I hope we can all see more of it.
I'm really confused and a little sad and angry! I was looking forward to the segment about the "PLUS SIZE" model, (who "bares it all" in Glamor magazine) only to find Matt interviewing a beautiful, intelligent, woman who "is between a size 12 and 14!!!!!!!" First, let me say that the picture of the model was wonderful, and she was even more beautiful in person, but since when is size 12-14 PLUS SIZE? Women of all sizes can be beautiful and confident, but it seemed a little condescending to speak to this woman as if she were morbidly obese. Actually, I'm surprised that she did the interview with that "title" leading into it. It was obvious that this young woman was fit, healthy, and confident, so why all the hype about her being PLUS SIZE?
I'm sorry but she is NOT plus-sized. Between a size 12 and 14? Give me a break. You don't know what plus sized is. She IS a nice looking young woman, however.
I think there should be more models like this !!!
Teens girls should be informed that in the fashion industry anything over size six is plus size it's just the way it works and there is no point in complaining about it. That would be like complaining on shoe sizes where the average is 7 but you have plenty of young girl with size 10, keep the youth informed on the way the industries work. If we PROMOTE the "plus size models" we will work to make them more the norm...which is ultimately what the story is about. Given the majority of america is in this size bracket we should embrace plus size models and not be miffed they aren't overly unhealthy.
I agree with these ladies. Since when is a 12-14 a PLUS SIZE. She is beautiful but not PLUS SIZE!
Amen a picture of a woman that weighs over 110lbs..A real woman that real women can relate too..the models body we are used to seeing are too skinny to be healthy..
I agree, she isn't plus size, to me plus size is 1x or larger. She is a beautiful brave sould to bare it all and show the real world a real woman. Sickly thin is not attractive. We want to see the real people in the world like us! I am so glad they did this piece.
PLUS SIZE???? I saw the segment on this picture and this model. Your banner on the bottom of the screen said "Plus Size Model Reveals All" I was wondering about the use of that term, Plus Size. Now, you say she was between a size 12-14, representing the majority of American women. Then I saw her there on your couch. How is she possibly a plus size??? When I go to the store and move about the different categories of grouped sized clothes, (ie. girls, juniors, women, plus size) the plus size clothes are 20W and up. Of which would wrap around her a few times. How, if she is the majority of American women, therefore regular, is she plus size? When I see Lane Bryant catalogues and Just My Size bra commercials, those women are large. Of course beautiful, but they are larger women, as is their point. That woman sitting on your couch was NOT LARGE. She was an average size woman, very beautiful, and someone I would look at and NOT say "large." So what is it with the use of this term??? Is it the fashion industry that says REGULAR is PLUS SIZE and you were just following their vocabulary, or does TODAY actually see a plus size woman as a size 12 and up??? I think if that is the case, TODAY is adding to the misconception of this country of women. It is this exact attitude that has caused so many self-esteem issues in the young girls of this country. They ARE normal and beautiful and look exactly the way God intended, and society, such as these magazines and yourself, tell them they are not normal, they are large if they are not a size 2. You said yourself that a 2 is NOT normal. Only a small population of women are created as that size. For many builds of women, no matter how much they diet or exercise or how disciplined they are, they will NEVER be a size 2. Not even the picture shows her as a PLUS size woman. Really! Compare her picture to ads of Lane Bryant and Just My Size bras. Those woman are big, plus size; the woman in this picture is NORMAL, AVERAGE, REGULAR. I am afraid that if in 2009, 12-14 is considered PLUS SIZE, in 2019 will size 8 be considered PLUS? The industry just keeps lowering that size and adding PLUS to it as we go. We will NEVER be NORMAL in the eyes of the fashion industry.

Another thing I would like to mention is that we were all created different. Different is what makes our world interesting. Why do so many vehicles that reach the public NOT say that this is 2, this is beautiful. This is 8, this is beautiful. This is 16, this is beautiful. This is 24, this is beautiful. Why? Why is there always a negative attitude attached to different? Why can it not just BE? Why can we as a society not see different as awesome? Why do we have to say, "Well she is a 12, but she is still beautiful" Just say, "She is beautiful and is a 12." Just a thought. I don't think this negative-attached "different" was the idea when creating human beings. Who was it that decided that this 1 way or that 1 way is the way to be? All the differences ARE the way to be and it is all beautiful, as is black, white, brown, red, yellow. ALL just perfectly fine.

I just know that if I went to a store and the sales clerk asked me my size and I said 12 and she took me to an area marked Plus Size, I would leave that store. There is no PLUS to my size. Plus mean more, additional, extra. I don't need extra fabric to cover me. I need REGULAR clothes.

In the modeling industry, which is the industry she is in, she is considered "plus size". What's so hard to understand about that?

And even though it is the norm today, a person who is a size 12 or 14 is overweight. It's not a horrible or mean thing to say, it is a fact.
It's a good thing to spotlight women with realistic size representation because so many of our youth and teens are dealing with weight issues today. Having true "plus sized" realtives in my family, I can emphatically say this model is far from it. I am sure the fashion industry has label her as such based on their standards, but clearly that is not the case in the real world.
I guess I'm different but I like seeing beautiful thin (pefect model types in magazines and movies). I am not young and don't wish to be like them, but beauty is beauty and FAT is NOT beautiful. You see plenty of it around town, standing in line, squeezing next to you on planes, etc. The models and celebraties are paid alot, they have the resources to keep the beautiful bodies. (I'm not talking about overly skinny, anorexic, of course!)
Finally, A REAL WOMAN!!
Hail to reality! She IS NOT plus-sized. She is a normal, American woman, not some sickly size 0-6. Now, I AM plus sized at 5'3 and 180 lbs and wear 14 pants and 1x shirts. (One I buy upstairs and the other downstairs!!) I work for the Public Health Department and am so glad to see Glamour show someone that women of all ages can relate to. I might even start buying Glamour again. I had given up on Fashion mags.......
In your online article, it says that "in the modeling industry any size over 6 is considered 'plus' size". That may be true in that context, but not in the real world and you misled your TV audience with the tag lines.

Sizes 12-14 are Misses sizes and are not considered Plus Sizes. A 180 lb woman who is 5 feet tall most likely wears a plus or woman's size. (Matt, look at the size charts for women's clothes.)

Lizzie Miller is a tall, wonderfully built woman and kudos to her for modeling among the anorexic models.
Wow...you just lost me on this one when you said the AVERAGE woman is size 12-14 but then you called this model (who is the AVERAGE size) a "plus sized model". This is the problem with the media...how can our teenagers and children ever have a chance? Thanks for trying....
I challenge Glamour to lead the way in the area of representing real women in their magazine. The woman who is size 12-14 should be the rule and not the exception. We heard the same type of "talk" when the Dove girls were all the rage.
It is a sad comment that a 12-14 is considered plus size. To me it fuels the wrong message to our kids and promotes eating disorders. I loved the pic & the model is beautiful.
I was a 3x am now wearing 14-16 and trust me, I don't consider myself "plus size" any more. I think that stressing being healthy, no matter what size, is what is the message we should be sending our kids.
She is positively gorgeous!
I applaud the model but find the term "plus size" just as damaging as the skin and bones models. Shame on TODAY and Glamour for taking advantage of the hype but not truly following thru on real life, example, Jessica Simpson on the cover.
How tall is this woman? 180 lbs. on a woman 5'8" looks quite a bit different from a 5'3" woman weighing 180 lbs. Believe me, I know - and I've got belly rolls to prove it!
Pictures like these posted in heavily read magazine articles make me believe there is still normal human beings out there. I am extremely happy that the magazine company published it. If there were more real pictures like this out there, I would definitely be more inclined to buy products and read/subscribe to that specific magazine!!!!!!
yeah....and how tall does she stand at size 12? Probably 5'10" or 11". I'm sure she is not 5'3"! If she was, I am positive she would not be modeling and would not be considered average an size.....
This woman is no "plus size"...model. She is very pretty, but 12 - 14 ?? this is an average size woman.
First and foremost, fat is unhealthy. Average Americans are fat. Please stop glamourizing this unhealthy, fat young woman. At 20 years old, she should be in great shape. She's not. I'm 40 and I'm in better shape that that. What is the message we're sending to our children? You can be lazy, not exercise and eat as many twinkies as you want - you're still beautiful. When will we stop being so afraid to offend that we jeopardize the health of our children? Why can't we highlight the bodies of HELATHY women - those that exercise regualarly and eat right? Now stop looking at the rest of the fat people around you for justification and get off your fat butt and exercise 'til it hurts!
I whole-heartedly agree with the prior posts in that Lizzie is a beautiful woman. She most certainly is NOT what any INTELLIGENT being would consider to be plus-sized. Does she shop in the plus-size department? I think not. She is just what they said during the segment--average by America's standards. Shame on you, Glamour Magazine and Today Show for depicting her as such!
This made me cry tears of happiness. I am a size 12-14. I live in South Orange County, CA where the average size is a 0-8. To hear that the average is a size 12-14 made me so happy. I do agree that calling a 12-14 a "Plus-Size" needs to change. All in all this was a great story. I hope that this made others as happy, and has given them the same boost of confidence as it has me.
I actually just read this article a week ago, and I saw it and I just glanced right by it. Not that I was offended, but to me shes a gorgeous girl and deserves the space just as much as any skinny toothpick rail model. So I didnt take a second look. To me, that should be the norm! Women are beautiful at any size!
I HOPE this photo turns everything around! Back are the days of Marylin Monroe, Greta Garbo, where women have curves and shape!
It's about time! I'm 5'4 and weigh 140lbs. I'm not thin by any means but I'm not fat, either. I'm sick of the "industry" showing clothes that look great on bone hangers but look like crap on real people. I'm tired of them creating clothes for the square build, too. I'm 38, 27, 38. No one makes clothes that fit me. NO ONE. I wish these "designers" would understand their target market better and get off the pot and start creating stuff that better suits 95% of people.
And to clear up confusion, the "plus size" refers to the the model industry classifies her. She's over a size 6 which means she's a "plus sized" model. That doesn't mean she's overweight. She's just not an anorexic, bone hanger.
I am APPALLED that Glamour Magazine & the producers of Today Show allowed ANY of you to call size 12-14 "Plus" size! Are you NUTS?!
From the REAL world, I am here to tell you that "Plus" size means 18W(stands for women) on up to 6XL & higher.
It was a smack in the face & pain to our fragile egos for you to indicate 12-14 a "Plus" size. You need a segment from the REAL "Plus" size ladies of America!!
This is a sham! The woman is 5'11" tall for pete's sake! This is not a plus-size women if she is a size 12-14. I dont' care what the modeling industry says about a woman over size 6 being plus size.Show us a woman who is 5'2" and a size 18 or above. THAT is plus size. So what if Lizzie has a little pouchy stomach and some hips? You certainly couldn't pinch an inch above her waist! The fashion industry thinks we're stupid and will fall for this stuff. It's insulting, and shame on NBC and Today for trying to pull one over on those of us who are truly plus-sized.
I,too,am the same size as Lizzie with identical "flaws". I struggle every day with my image in the mirror, so seeing her image so similar to mine was empowering. Thank you Glamour for portraying the "Average" woman in a positive light but shame on the Today Show for labeling the segment as a plus-sized model. What a mixed message you are sending to the girls and women of the world. If Today Show says my size is a plus-size and I am offended by that, I can only imagine how it must be affecting the women who have bigger numbers on the labels of their clothes.
A beautiful woman with a healthy weight for her height - but definitely NOT PLUS- wouldn't plus mean she is overweight for her 5ft.11inch frame - which she clearly is not???
More of these beautiful, healthy women who wear size 12-14 - but let's not all them "plus" - average may be but not plus. whyfish
FTFT/t size. An exquisite body nOT, healthy young woman you
This is a great story but I also agree that this woman is not a plus size. Also, the last photo in this article states that Lizze also appeared in Glamour in 2000. Wouldn't she have only been 11 years old in 2000? You might want to edit your articles before publishing them
lizzi and leive - thank you for making me love my body again.
Why is this even a story? Most women in America are not super models. And the woman in this story is not really that overweight. Ooooo, a little pouch, big deal. And, no, she is NOT plus sized in my opinion!
As a woman who has struggled with poor self-esteem and body image issues, I thought this piece was excellent. The confidence Lizzi had with herself is something we should all strive for. In response to all of the above comments; the modeling industry STATES that all models over size 6 are "plus size" - therefore, Lizzi is, by their standards, a "plus-size" model. It is not the choice of the Today show to give her that title! They were simply running the irrational label a beautiful, real woman like Lizzi is given in the waif-thin modeling world. Real women know Lizzi is far from plus-size! Thank you, Glamour, for recognizing a more realistic portrayal of women.
That's plus size? Gee I been miss informed.
No she is not plus sized but just like the model said, in the modeling industry if you wear over a size 6 you are labeled "plus sized". Therefore, the site was just using the technical term.
I applaud Glamour Magazine for photographing and publishing this beautiful "average-size" woman. I am appauled by Today/ NBC for making the plus-size title/tag-line. What message are you telling? That said, if size 12-14 is plus-size, what about people that are 1X and larger? Get a grip.
This segment totally offended me. The TODAY show should be ashamed! And that editor from Glamour magazine should be slapped with a "plus size" stick! That model is not plus size. She is an average size (or below average size) young lady and beautiful. TODAY and Glamour continue to promote the idea that if you are not a size 0-2 then you are FAT and unworthy! Boycott both the show and the magazine.
Awesome! whether we like to think of the average women as plus sized or whatever, the title is what it is...HOWEVER>> it is so BEAUTIFUL to see a lady in the magazines reflect a normal, healthy body. PLEASE PLEASE allow us..normal plus sized (Healthy) women see that its okay to not look like a drug addicted scale of a women!! Beauty comes in ALL sizes!!
She must be really tall to look this great at 180lbs. So she has a little tummy pooch? Who doesn't, unless you work out every day. She looks great. Shows like America's Top Model should take a lesson from this... instead of showing all size 2 models, and one "plus size" model, they should show women of all sizes, from 2-12, and show young girls that every size is beautiful and sexy, and worthy of magazine covers.
I don't buy the "Fashion Magazines" However I will run out and buy this one today. Why? I vote with my money....I am very careful about what I support. Bravo....will this continue and become a trend I hope so and my money will continue to follow.
While I applaud the inclusion of a NORMAL-sized woman in a fashion magazine, the use of the term "Plus-Sized" to describe the model is not only harmful, it's a complete fallacy.

When will the labels finally be based in reality? The so-called "normal-sized" models who wear size 0 should be re-labelled "abnormally thin" or even "health challenged". OK, if that's too harsh, why just not call them "minus-sized models", so that they're differentiated properly instead of perpetuating the lie that THEY are the normal ones who are the size women should aspire to. Most women would have to become unhealthy to achieve the kind of body size these models have, and even after that we would never be tall enough...or willowy enough...or pretty enough...or correctly proportioned (according to the "norms").

I'm just so tired of shows not pointing out this huge discrepancy. So you gave her a big warm fuzzy for being included in the magazine when she's normal and has a little tummy. Big deal! Why not ask the tough questions? Instead of "will this be accepted by the majority of readers?" why not ask, "When will you begin talking to women about the fact that you've been asking them to do the impossible in order to feel acceptable for YEARS now?"

I'm supposed to be happy that we're questioning wheter readers will like an accept this one small photo???? As if there's still that possibility the normal woman might be rejected by readers because she's just too fat to be considered good viewing????

And I agree that this is also an insult to actual Plus Sized Women who should also be given their due. I guess the only women who will ever be made to feel normal are those that are unnaturally thin and willing to do anything to keep themselves that way. No wonder teenage girls are growing up with such a warped image of themselves and their bodies.

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