Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Things you can do from bed to help you look better in the morning

Alex and Laila/Stone/Getty Images

Bed isn't just for sleeping and sex, going to bed can mean getting prettier and softer by morning.

While we sleep, our body takes that time to repair itself from the crap we put it through during the day. That is why it is so important to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and go to bed at a decent hour. Our body is on a time schedule, if you will. Certain times of the night it does certain things, such as clean the toxins out of your body through the liver and/or skin, puts to work the vitamins and minerals you took earlier in the day (if you remembered to take them) to help repair free radical damage to our cells. So if you're the type that doesn't go to bed until 2am and sleeps until 7 or 8am you're more inclined to get sick more often, gain weight and have not so glowing nice skin.

How does lack of sleep cause weight gain?

Leptin and Grehlin are hormones that help the body control appetite and weight gain and loss. Leptin suppresses appetite, while Grehlin increases appetite and may prevent a person from losing weight.

When lack of sleep becomes a chronic problem, levels of Grehlin increases, causing greater appetite, and levels of Leptin decrease. Regardless of diet and exercise, it's possible that some obesity is caused, or made worse, by sleep deprivation.

Who wants to be fat, have ugly skin and feel like crap 24/7? Not I, said the short one. So with that fun fact in mind what are some other things besides getting to bed at decent hour that will help us to look better in the morning?

5 Things You Can Do From Bed To Help You Look Better In The Morning

1. Use a heavy cream on your hands before going to bed, cover them with a cheap pair of cotton gloves (you can find these at Sally's or Wal-mart). If you're in a bind just use a pair of socks. Yes, you will look a bit "odd" but whose gonna notice, after all you're just going to bed.

2. Use heavy cream on your feet (Burt Bee's has a nice selection of foot creams, Wal-mart now carries this line) and cover your feet with a pair of thick cotton socks. You can do this nightly in the beginning if you started out with some crusty critters. By the end of the week you will have them touchable again.

3. Have a zit that's taking FOREVER to heal up and go away? Dab a bit of Neosporin on the spot and place a round band-aid (they are just the right size and shape for this) over it. The key here is to keep the area "moist". Keeping a wound moist speeds healing. Gone are the days when our mom's told us to let the wound "breath" and turn into a scab to heal. By the morning, you will see a big difference in the look of your spot. Again, you will look a bit weird going to bed but who cares? Okay, your husband might especially if he's wanting some "gettum gettum" that night.

4. To ensure less breakouts in the morning always be sure to go to bed with your hair up and away from your face as well as change your pillow case often. Pillow cases harbor bacteria and placing your face on it night after night spells disaster for your skin.

5. Before going to bed take a vitamin E capsule and snip the tip off with some scissors and squeeze out a bit onto your finger and dab neat onto the surface of your under eye area. You will wake up with extremely soft and brighter skin under your eye. It will also help with minor wrinkles. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, which will help to fight those free radicals damaging our skin when we are out and about during the day,

See, and you thought your mom was crazy when she said "You need to get your beauty sleep!" So true's so true!