Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally, The Round Diet! A Diet Simple Enough That Even a Kindergartener Can Follow It

The Round Diet will make your life simpler, your butt smaller, your jeans looser, and you will rejoice!

Welcome to the Round Diet where you’ll change your view of food, even if you are an experienced dieter. Whatever your relationship with food, this book can help you choose healthy foods by their natural Round shape and help train your mind to be your ally in becoming stronger, sexier, leaner and more fit.

Round FoodsShopping for Round foods is a visually-cued task that is so simple a kindergartner could successfully fill a cart with nutritious foods. You are likely to find yourself casually strolling through your local Farmer’s Market chatting with farmers as you buy fresh and flavorful foods with an environmentally green, low carbon footprint.

Reading food labels will be reduced to the likes of “Golden Delicious” on an apple or “Chiquita” on a banana. You will be free from deciphering unpronounceable chemicals, preservatives and other multi-syllable ingredients. Any confusion over what is healthy or unhealthy food will be as clear as black and white, round or square.

Nature designed a variety of nutritious Round foods, some of which are Rounder, more colorful, and healthier than others. There is a Round difference between an orange, an avocado, a scallop, a tortilla, an egg, a pie, a pizza, a cookie and olive oil.

As a Round Dieter, you will be able to recognize that Round food equals healthy food, so you can make better choices when shopping, dining out or cooking at home.

By the way, while eating round...

You can have:
A daily piece of Dark Chocolate ~ it's made from Round cocoa beans.
An occasional shot of Tequila ~ it's made from Round Agave plants.
An occasional glass of Wine ~ it's made from Round grapes.
Diana also recommends you take leisurely bubble baths, enjoy a nap now and then, laugh often, and have fun!

Eat meals and snacks 2 to 3 hours apart, stopping 3 hours before sleeping

Follow Round cooking methods like broiling, braising, steaming, roasting, grilling or eating food right off a tree, vine or freshly picked at your local Farmer's Market or grocery store.

2 poached eggs, 1/2 sliced large tomato with a drizzle of olive oil, 1 cup coffee or tea and remember to breathe

1 banana & 1 glass of water followed by a 45 minute walk & 15 minutes of stretching and think of something positive

Radicchio salad (1/2 small radicchio thinly sliced, 1/3 diced avocado, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1 sliced green onion, 1 tspn light salad dressing), an while you are eating, Tell a joke or listen to a joke and have a good belly laugh

Handful of blueberries & 1 ounce plain yogurt, 1 glass of water followed by a 30 minute nap or restful visualization about shrinking your fat cells and looking tight and buff in your underwear

palm full Baked skinless Chicken breast seasoned with basil (do not measure while hot) and 1/2 tspn olive oil, 1/3 eggplant sliced into circles and broiled until golden brown, 1 shot glass of brown rice...shared with a friend or loved one who let's you just be you - and if they make you laugh, then all the better.

1 ounce dark chocolate, 6 raspberries, 1 pecan and 1 glass of water followed by a candlelit bubble bath

Write down what you eat and how you feel in your diet diary and take a moment to see if any patterns are emerging

get 8 full hours of restful sleep and wake up looking good!