Monday, June 1, 2009

Warning about The Stupid Diet

SF Diet and Exercise Examiner:

The Stupid Diet promo material say it is "so simple it's stupid." It's hard to figure out how simple it is since you have to buy a $25 book to find out. The intro to the book (available on the website) explains the Stupid Diet will have a profound impact on your health and will give you control over your metabolism.

Things get interesting when the button on the website called "endorsed by" links to Envita Medical Centers of America. Envita is a natural medical clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. It appears to be the only location and out-of-state patients are directed to the Scottsdale Four Seasons as a place to stay when undergoing natural treatment for cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

The Stupid Diet book was written by Dr. Dino Prato and his wife, Delia. Dr. Prato is a physician of naturopathy. He is licensed in Vermont and Hawaii. He applied for a license in Arizona but when an investigation was opened up by the Arizona State Board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners, he withdrew his application.

The rest of the Stupid Diet website leads to Envita supplements in pill, powder and liquid forms. (The current direct mail campaign by Envita includes a DVD and a letter that assumes you have been given a cancer diagnosis and offers support and information - mildly disconcerting.)

Natural remedies may have a place in the treatment of disease and anyone with a diagnosis is encouraged to gather as much information as possible about available medical and alternative treatments. However, when a diet book is used as a ploy to direct people to an online pharmacy, it raises suspicions. Proceed with caution.