Friday, June 26, 2009

Types of Medical Marijuana

There are two main types of cannabis that is available; Sativa and Indica. Depending on which you choose, will determine the overall effects you experience. Each has their unique characteristics and grow patterns.

cannabis-sativaSativas are known for their length and skinny leaves, making this a difficult plant to grow indoors. Sativas can are tall and round like a massive bush, to skinny and lanky with a few large buds. The long thin leaves are a trademark to the sativa strain. The aroma from this plant varies on the type of strain selected.
The sativa effect is often labeled as uplifting and energetic. Effects of a sativa strain are mostly cerebral. Giving a feeling of cheerfulness and content, as well as providing a good dose of pain relief for certain ailments. A few pure sativas are also very high in THC. These strains are known to have a quite spacey, or hallucinogenic, effect. Some occasions of dizziness or nauseas feeling might occur with a person not familiar with this medicine. Consume only a little bit to sense the overall effects. Sativas are a good choice for daytime use.

cannabis-indicaIndicas are known for their stout appearance. They are bushy and grow short in height. Some variations are compact while others have moderate height and width (not as a sativa plant though). Many look like small shrubs. Indicas produce many side buds. Indicas are the easiest to grow indoors.

The indica effects are most often characterized as a gratifying body buzz. Indicas are great for relaxation, stress relief, or an overall sense of calm and serenity. Cannabis indica strains are highly effective for overall body pain relief, and have proved to be a great treatment for insomnia. Indicas are great for evening medication of many smokers as a sleep aid. A few select indica strains are very potent in THC, and will cause the “couch lock” effect, allowing the medical marijuana patient to simply sit and enjoy the experience of the smoke.

Cannabis strains are available across the whole spectrum from pure sativas to pure indicas, and in every combination in between. From 30% sativa - 70% indica strains, there are 80% sativa - 20% indica strains, and many, many 50% - 50% combinations, as well as others available. With the various selection of types of cannabis, this makes a comparison to wine and its multiple types. Sample the types and taste, smell, feel the difference of the selection of medical marijuana.