Monday, June 22, 2009

Exercise For Love Handles - Is Sex Any Good To Get Rid Of Them?

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Love handles, excess fat at the sides of our waists. Can sex be used as an exercise for love handles? Err…no?

Having said that, it won’t hurt to try to get rid of your love handles with as much sex as possible. All in the name of research of course. In fact I thouroughly encourage it.

I reckon it’s possible to burn enough calories by having enough energetic sex that you could reduce and rid yourself of your love handles.

The big problem is the amount of crap we eat in between sex sessions. I can’t speak for you but I’m ready to go again in less than a month.

Joking aside sex is a great exercise routine of you can work up a sweat. Nothing like a good bit of sex to get your heart pumping.

Love handles and other fatty deposits are rather more difficult to get rid of. It can be done but it takes willpower and work.

Just look on the net and you’ll find all sorts of exercise for love handles. Some easy and some so complex you may need a Phd to work out how to do them.

In my eyes an all round fitness system is hard to beat. One that easily helps you keep in trim but also lets you eat well without going hungry.

There simply is no substitute for an all round system. Keeps any need for hard exercise down to a minimum.

I use a system like this that allows me to plan ahead with both my exercise and my diet. In fact I generate my diets with a (stress free) push button online meal planner.

I used to struggle with my weight all the time. Actually that’s a lie, I didn’t struggle, I just didn’t even bother as I was convinced I can’t lose weight.

It’s a different story now though. I found a system that works for me. No stingy little meals and no pounding heavy weight down the gym.

It’s a simple all round system that keeps me in trim and will keep you in trim as well. That’s if you want to keep in trim.

A lot of people say they are looking for diet and exercise systems but do they really, really want to find one deep down? Do you?

One side effect of using a system like this is when you do get in shape you have to suffer more sex! Way more sex!