Friday, May 22, 2009

Is there a negative side to green tea dieting?

By Collin De Ruyck

Scientific views on how well green tea works for dieting are still mixed. Some researchers have stated cases that go both ways, for and against it. A recent article in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that American and Chinese researchers discuss how green tea effects cholesterol levels.

When the research was conducted, approximately 200 men and women (average age 55) who have mild to moderately high LDL cholesterol levels joined in the case study. The researchers told them to keep their usual activity levels the same as before and eat the same way. After twelve weeks, it was shown that individuals who consumed green tea extract with their normal meals lost more than fifteen percent of their total LDL cholesterol levels.

Earlier studies have proven that certain elements found in green tea play a vital role in reducing cholesterol that is absorbed by the body. Researchers are yet to explain how exactly green tea or consuming green tea can reduce your cholesterol levels but it has been made very clear that a green tea diet will reduce your cholesterol levels.

Once again, after further testing was done on the first group of participants researchers are stating that the green tea diet had no effect on cholesterol levels, that the participants using green tea lost cholesterol some other way.

The medical community really frustrates me at times. It seems that anything organic does not get the support it should get. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

When my son was 3 years old he got the chicken pox. Most kids do get it, but the problem was, he got it everywhere. There literally was not one square centimeter on him that did not have a spot on it. This kid was in so much pain we took him to the hospital 3 times to try and find something that would help ease the pain of being so itchy. Three trips to the doctor resulted in nothing being prescribed.

I finally took it upon myself to try and find an Aloe Vera plant to try the extract from that. Once I got a hold of one and tried it guess what happened. It worked like a charm and my sons itching stopped with in 15 minutes of me applying the extract.

When my youngest got the chicken pox one of the same nurses that told us there was nothing we could do for our oldest boy admitted to us that she knew that the Aloe Vera plant would work to stop the itching. I asked her why no one told us about it and why my son had to suffer for a week. The nurse told us that they are no allowed to recommend anything organic. So if you know a kid is suffering, you don't say anything??

If nurses and doctors are not allowed to recommend anything organic, I am sure they are going to find a way to not support green tea as well. If it is not made by a pharmaceutical company, then it cant be good right Doc? Whatever!!!

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