Friday, April 3, 2009

Supplements: Know the Secrets of Herbal Supplements

Get To Know Secrets Of Herbal


By Keith Woolley

There is an increase in the number of people who are taking herbal supplements in order to improve their health. The diseases that people are now suffering from have occasioned this interest. The focus has been on the natural types of supplements instead of the artificial ones that are produced by manufacturers. There are many studies that have been carried out regarding these supplements that proves they are therapeutic to the human body. They have also been known to treat various ailments.

A lot of care should be exercised when buying any herbal product, be it a vitamin supplement or medicine. Don't be gullible to scrupulous people cashing in on the herbal craze, who may sell you harmful concoctions in the name of herbs. Ensure that the product you are buying meets the GMP guidelines. These are the guidelines which manufacturers are expected to follow so as to come up with quality products. The herbal extracts used should be pure for maximum therapeutic value. They also need to be standardized, that is, in the right quantity. The product manufacturer should blend all ingredients carefully to give optimal results. A certificate, detailing all the components, as proof of safety and efficiency, should accompany the product.

Recent studies show that it is advisable to take mineral, vitamins and other herbal extracts at the same time as their therapeutic value is enhanced when they are used together. Experts add that most of these products compliment each other. If not you will find a warning on the label with directions for use. Examples of these vitamins are E and C.

Aloe Vera, which is good for those who are vegetarians, is an herbal remedy that is commonly used. There is also another one known as the American Ginseng, which is also popular to vegetarians and is usually taken as a raw herb. Others are Ashwaganda leaf extract, Astragalus, Bilberry extract, Black Cohosh root extract, Blueberry extract, Boswelia Resin extract, Burdock, Butcher Broom, Cats claws, Cayenne and Chamomile flower extract.

Whichever supplement you decide to use, you should make sure it will work well for you. Remember that they can assist your body to repair any damaged cells while boosting your immunity against disease. It has been argued that most of the ailments that people suffer from can be dealt with effectively using these herbal supplements. Do your research well before you start using any of them. This is because the fact that they are natural does not make them any less dangerous when used inappropriately.

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