Monday, April 27, 2009

Hooters Lite Energy Drink Review

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Unlike eatery, Hooters Lite Energy Drink looks nasty but tastes great
May 8, 6:49 AM

Is it inappropriate to be doing a review for Hooters Lite energy drink on a crowded bus? The restaurant is all over the globe, their name and brand is instantly recognisable, and their waitresses are infamous. So why am I still embarrassed to whip out the can and start reviewing? I wonder what it says about a person who uses the Hooter credit card, or sleeps in the Hooters Hotel and Casino in Vegas...

Fortunately for me, the can is designed mostly tastefully, featuring a very clothed, pleasant and ceaply printed photo of one of their waitresses on the front. I can actually picture the waitress drinking one of these, as this drink has 0 calories, tastes insubstantial to swallow large amounts quicky, so she could keep her work mandated weight down while jumping from table to table hurredly dodging paws, slaps and pickup lines.

This has a light blue color, and a very light citrus flavor. I was definitley expecting a Red Bull knock off, or something cheap - not a unique and very delicious flavor. I have heard it described as much like fresca, and others thought it tasted like light berry. I think te thing is, the flavor in this is so light and airy, it is hard to nail down what the flavor is. Either way, the light taste works for it and proves to be excellent and easy to drink down. I really wanted to not like this flavor - but it is really too tasty to me to scorn. If I could stand the packaging,I would probably stock up!

This has a lot going for it - I got about 3 solid hours of energy from this, with 1900 mg of taurine and 220 mg caffeine. That is a very decent caffeine amount, completely unexpected in a cheap brand drink. I really appeciate how Hooters really put their creative juices into this drink's creation, rather than just farming it out to a bigger company overseas.

The other ingredients in here are what you would expect from an energy drink - full of b vitamin complex, ginseng, inositol, calcium and magnesium. Decent fare from something I did not expect to have anything going for it.

For being hooters, I expected a whole lot more form them. I thought this was either going to be very classy, or very tacky. Turns out it is neither, going for just poorly printed, oddly designed and unorganized. When I think of a hooters drink, I picture something involving big breasts, owls, tacky and fun. Instead, this drink is poorly printed, with a non-buxom waitress staring out with silver shiny eyes. The fonts are hard to read, and the diamond plate on the background not only makes things hard to read, but don't make any sense.of course, it is not double faced, and when you drink from the can you are proudly advertising a big "7", which turns out to be their nascar truck they sponsor. They do list caffeine and taurine and all the rest - which I do appreciate, but if this drink fails it will be solely on the designer's shoulders.

Youknow it says something about your company when your website has been suspended for non-payment....