Monday, April 6, 2009

Diet: Super Calorie Fruit Meal

The number of super-calorie fruit Competition

By Zou Himfr

Fruit meal lose weight, many people will use the method, but want to identify the most suited to their most important fruit and some fruit to eat at, we must pay special attention to avoid excessive heat caused by over eating. The following commonly used against fruit calories and lose weight to compare the characteristics of comparison, you can go to their own needs of the body you want to select the fruit ... ... 1, apple 100 grams / 50 calories

Apple are the most would choose the thin fruit, because it is rich in pectin, can help rule out the possibility of gastrointestinal motility and toxins, and best of all can also reduce heat absorption, coupled with Apple's on a lot of potassium to prevent leg Department of edema. Hello Of course, Apple is not high in calories, so only eat the apple apple lose weight have a meal.

2, bananas 100 grams / 125 calories

Meals are a lot of fruit and lose weight and ultimately, bananas, because bananas rich in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and pectin and so on, so can effectively Licheniformis, so will be able to assist defecation. Bananas also have to exclude the effect of moisture is not only the best of thin fruit, but also makes the skin water ate Dangdang saint of beauty products, but the higher calorie banana, eat more, there will be doubts obese.

3, grapefruit 100 grams / 28 calories

Europe and the United States are people love to eat grapefruit and other acidic fruit to the body, because the fruit acid can promote digestive functions, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, can eliminate fatigue, it also allows the skin then the United States and the United States! Grapefruit plus the heat and less sugar, is the best star fruit lose weight.

4, pineapple 100 grams / 32 calories

Pineapple also belong to acidic fruits, medicinal and can aid digestion, together with the pineapple is rich in beneficial enzymes to break down toxins, and promote drainage, so people also want to thin the fruit can be suitable for human consumption, but best not to eat pineapple to eat at meal Oh, because it will , so must have something to eat pad pad can stomach consumption, therefore , although delicious, do not eat too much.

5, kiwifruit 100 grams / 50 calories

Sweet juicy fruit, but also rich in vitamin C, the characteristics of the most popular fruits of beauty and body. A bit sweet and sour taste of good fruit, to prevent constipation, assist digestion and to beautify the skin, even when used to lose weight meal, people will eat with relish, and it also is a low calorie high nutrient quality of fruit.

6, lemon 100 grams / 24 calories

Whitening skin to eat lemons, the body lose weight should also not forget it. Lemon citric acid-based, can promote energy metabolism, coupled with its content of vitamin C are fruits of the first, heat is the lowest of all the people Evergo all must want the sour lemon Fall in love with child , remember that eating just a bit, otherwise it will be very , fasting Oh they do not eat.

7, tomato 100 grams / 35 calories

Thanks to the wave of al thin, tomato prices soar overnight, become a star product. Except tomato rich vitamin C, E, K, but also rich in lycopene, folic acid, carotenoids, phenolic acids and fiber, are the recent most popular health fruits, have also been used to lose weight to do good fruit meal ingredients.

Apart from the above fruits, the size, moisture and more watermelon, low-calorie guavas, star fruit, but also can be used to thin.

Not to spit out the grape skin Oh, the recent medical study found that: The Apple and Grape's "Paper" are directly labeled as juice or stop, the pericarp of the juice can have a good , anti-aging and antioxidant effect, so eat of these fruits, we might as well eat together with their skins, it is wholesome. But remember to wash peel.

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