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The Revolutionary Calorie Shifting Diet -

The Revolutionary Calorie Shifting Diet -

The Revolutionary Calorie Shifting Diet

The industry is buzzing with a new type of diet plan results in rapid weight loss without restricting the consumption of food. The new Calorie Shifting Meal Plan recommends an eating pattern that induces a metabolic response that increases fat burning and weight loss. This plan involves the consumption of foods from all major food groups and does not require specific measurements of food portions and calculation of calories.

The Calorie Shifting plan promotes eating all you want from the four major food groups in 4 meals spread throughout the day. The plan will show you the eating patterns and the combination of foods that will increase your fat loss rate. The grouping of certain foods together must be adhered to strictly for this plan to be effective.

Under this revolutionary new plan, you can loose up to 4kgs in 10 days without starving yourself and enduring hunger pangs. In each of the 4 meals, you are advised to eat as much as you want until your appetite is satisfied (as opposed to feeling full), Every time you are hungry, or have a carving for certain foods, you are to eat until the craving is satisfied. The key is to not stuff yourself till you are full and to have a 3-hour gap between the meals.

If you follow this plan, your body will experience rapid weight loss. After approximately two weeks under the Calorie Shifting diet, you are advice to take a 3-day rest from the diet to let your body recover from the accelerated weight loss. You can commence the program after than if necessary.

The plan will involve a series of daily meal plans that must be eaten in exact order and combination for maximum effect. They meal plans are designed to satisfy your food cravings, yet at the same time, increase your bodys metabolism rate. Here is a small sample of what the Calorie Shifting Meal plan looks like:

Monday: First Meal ” Eggs (Scrambled) Second Meal ” Any type of Sandwich (1 serving) Third Meal ” Oatmeal (preferably seasoned or flavored) Fourth Meal ” Tuna Salad

Tuesday: First Meal ” Cheese (cottage) Second Meal ” Mixed Vegetables with scrambled eggs Third Meal ” Chicken Fourth Meal ” Banana Milk Shake

Wednesday: First Meal ” Chicken Second Meal ” Fish Fillet Third Meal ” Cheese (cottage) Fourth Meal ” Fruit Salad

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