Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diet: Angelina Jolie's Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet

ANGELINA JOLIE is causing concern on the set of her new film Salt with a crazy diet called liquid detox.

She aims to shed 21lb in just 21 days for her role as a CIA officer unmasked as a Russian spy.

But Ange is raising eyebrows as everyone thinks she has a fantastic figure.

The diet — living on a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup — is leaving her weak.

A source said: “She does all her own stunts but we worry she could injure herself due to the weight loss.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is a diet program that aims specifically at ridding the body of toxins. The term toxins gets thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly are they? Toxins are chemicals that are harmful to the body that we attain from our environment, think exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, factory pollution, etc..

The word “toxins” has become a huge buzz word in the weight loss industry today. Detoxing is the major focus of the new Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox and several other popular diets.

Obviously, we all know that we don’t want toxins in our body. What you probably don’t know is exactly what they are doing to you, and the biggest surprise of all may be where they are coming from.

The definition of a toxin is an agent that can cause damage to a living thing.

Environment, or Exogenous is a key factor in your toxin intake. Every day in the United States thousands of tons of chemicals are being poured into the air by industrial companies. These are unnatural industrial compounds that are engineered for a specific task, and most of them haven’t been proven safe for human consumption. In fact, most have been proven to be unsafe or even fatal. Yet everyday we are breathing in more and more of these toxic molecules. A State of Massachusetts study estimated half of all ill illness could be caused by poor air quality, both indoors and outdoors.

Our bodies also produce toxins on their own. In the process of generating energy for us to live, there is the creation of waste products in the form of toxins. Luckily for us, our body does a fantastic job of excreting these chemicals through our skin, hair, lungs, urine, and feces. Some toxins actually help us, it’s the bacterial toxins in our digestive tract that break down our food and allow us to eat the variety of foods that we enjoy everyday.

What does this mean is terms of weight loss?

Toxins slow down your metabolism, plain and simple. They reduce our ability to burn lipids, or fat, and weaken our immune system greatly.

What’s the proper way to detox?

The most accessible way to detox is to exercise. Our body is fighting them all the time, you can give your body the edge by staying in shape. Colonics are great for flushing the toxins that aren’t passed in bowel movements. There are alternatives to costly colonics though, you can find many products do a wonderful job of eliminating toxins from our body by converting them into a form more easily excreted by the body.

The goods news is that some of your toxin intake is probably preventable. Tobacco use is perhaps one of the most toxic but preventable factors. Unfortunately, it isn’t bad for smokers, but for everyone around a smoker too. Car fumes are another big cause of toxins in the body. You should always try to avoid breathing both of them whenever you can. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported a 42% increase in asthma from 1990-2000, all due to these air borne pollutants.

Most people don’t know that toxins aren’t only absorbed through your lungs, but they are also absorbed through your skin. You may think that the makeup you’re wearing is just a topical compound, the truth is that you’re actually absorbing a lot of what is in that makeup right into your body.

Created by Dr. Roni DeLuz, the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox program is based on Dr. DeLuz’s 21 Pounds in 21 Days. The diet detox program comes in several different packages as well as individual products.

The various products include Smooth Move Tea, Stevita Stevia Supreme, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice, Swiss Kriss, 24 Hour Inner Cleanse, Garden Greens Protein Shake, 21 Pounds in 21 Days, MegaFood DailyFoods MegaZymes (Vegicaps), Goji Splash, Essential Greens 3000 by Garden Greens, Berry Splash Mixed Berry Formula, Garden Greens Essential Veggies, VegeSplash and Essential Greens. The only product we could find an ingredient list for was VegeSplash, and the ingredient list was mostly just vegetables. As such, we find little proof that these various products may have any truly significant weight loss effects. They may be a great natural way to cleanse the body, but we do not expect more than that.

Diet provides consumers with recipes and tips as well as maintenance plans.

Diet includes a guide to supplements.

Diet will help detoxify the body to promote weight loss and improve general health.
Diet requires some lifestyle changes.

Diet may be difficult to get used to.

Diet ingredients do not include any proven appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters or fat burners.