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Are there Options for Osteoporosis

Are there Options for Osteoporosis

By Gary Beartoes

One of the more popular types of arthritis is Osteoporosis. This condition results in too much loss of calcium in the bones. When the bones lose excessive calcium, this leads in loss of bone density. You are more likely to experience more fractures because your bones are more fragile and brittle. Most of the time women experience this softer bone density than men.

Osteoporosis is just one form of arthritis, but there are numerous others and all of them have something in common. What can this commonality be? It is pain. It has been learned that if the inflammation can be lowered, the pain will lessen and that can be achieved by the role of Amazing Arthritis Relief. So the serious question is, are you struggling from arthritis pain, and if the answer is yes, then you have to learn more about this wonderful product called amazing arthritis relief, or the new product name amazing bone and joint.

If you believe you have osteoporosis or may be at risk for developing the condition, speak with your physician about treatment options or preventive steps that you should be taking to prevent onset of osteoporosis.

Like many conditions, prevention is the key to keeping osteoporosis at bay. One thing that you can do to start the prevention treatment, if you think that you may be at risk of osteoporosis, is beginning immediately start to consume a high calcium diet. 1500 mg is what most health professionals state a diet rich in calcium should be at. Sometimes Vitamin D may be required in order to absorb the calcium.

Foods that are rich in calcium include milk and dairy products, and fish like salmon and sardines. Another thing that is possible is to add some vitamin's to your diet by eating calcium and vitamin D supplements. There are other ways to get your share of vitamin D and that is by being out in the sun, but there are dangers to that too. Multivitamins can also give you the vitamin D and calcium that you need. But the main thing that you need to do is ask your doctor and make sure that you are doing all that is required to prevent osteoporosis, and see if the calcium and vitamin D supplements are needed in your diet.

Nowadays we all recognize smoking and drinking is not good for you, so you may be required to restrict these activities if you do them. Research has shown that smoking can lower estrogen levels, leaving your bones more at jeopardy for losing bone mass. Moderate to heavy alcohol use has also been connected to loss of bone density. Another important preventive step is to ensure you are getting some kind of regular physical exercise. When you are thinking of exercise, sports and lifting weights can improve your muscle mass and can also help with bone mass. Another easy but forgotten exercise that can really help is just going out and walking.

For many women who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis, one viable treatment choice is estrogen treatment. When trying to prevent osteoporosis, estrogen replacement therapy has worked very well. A lot of the time the hips and the spine can be the trouble area's and the estrogen therapy can help to increase the bone mass in these area's. However, some women have experienced side effects from the use of estrogen replacement therapy. Also, some reports have made a connection between estrogen replacement therapy and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Estrogen is not the only therapy or treatment option for those who suffer from osteoporosis. Each day there are new things that are being developed and one of them are new drug treatments. Current options include prescription medications that are used to help restore bone density and slow the advancement of the condition. Speak with your doctor about the current options in order to make an educated choice about which medication suits your life and unique health circumstances the best. One thing that you can do to reduce the arthritis pain that is associated with most types is to try a all natural herbal pain relief. These can be used in conjunction with other things that you are currently doing right now and wont interfere. So learn more about arthritis herbal pain relief.

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