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Diet Supplement: LEANGENIX - The Fat Loss Accelorator

By Jared Mason


You exercise and exercise but the fat just won't go away. You are hungry all the time because you diet to try to lose the fat but there it is, staring you in the face when you look in the mirror each day. You are tired all the time and lack energy to motivate yourself. Does this even remotely sound like you? And if you haven't exercised in awhile, forget about it! That fat is going nowhere fast.

There is more happening here than the human eye can see. Your body is a complex machine so diet and exercise alone is just not going to cut it. Metabolic and hormonal processes conspire against us to hold on to that unsitely body fat, in addition to our genetics hindering us from achieving our ultimate fitness goals. Doesn't sound fair, does it?

Dieting doesn't work because it causes our bodies to go into survival mode and we wind up fatter than when we first started, like a bad episode of the twilight zone. We end up with a slower metabolism, more cottage cheese around our bellies, our bodies' thank you note for depriving it of essential nutrients, and an all-time low energy level. This leaves us tired, frustrated, and flabby. Are you ready to end this empty cycle of defeat once and for all? Leangenix is the answer to your problems!


There is a light at the end of this dark, futile tunnel and it's name is Leangenix. What if I told you there is an ingredient that our body already produces that, in a refined state, can help you get rid of the jiggle? This wonder ingredient is called 7-Keto or its geek name is 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone. It is metabolized from DHEA, a hormone our body produces but that unfortunately drops between the ages of 25 and 40. This refined version of DHEA gives us the benefits of dropping fat but we don't have to deal with hormonal side effects that pure DHEA can produce in our bodies. In other words, we get the meat and not fat part. I can live with this. What about you?

Break it Down for Me

In the lipolysis process, there are three important enzymes that are critical to burn body fat. 7-Keto efficiently activates these three enzymes for us. Additionally, 7-Keto stops muscle loss, stimulates muscle growth, boosts our immunity and improves our memories to boot. Can I take this stuff intraveneously or what? What more could we ask for? We get rid of the jiggle but get to hold on to the hard stuff. Isn't that what we all want?

So here we have this amazing fat burner that also helps us maintain energy and keep our muscle tissue, while helping us drop those fat pounds. In fact, in a double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled, eight week weight loss trial in 1999, 7-Keto boasted an increase weight loss factor of over three above the placebo. But let's not stop there. This was confirmed in 2000 with over 80% of the weight loss being body fat (Humanetics, 2008). Imagine losing that much body fat.

Now don't take this good news to mean we can sit on our rear ends and channel surf all day. It doesn't work that way. 7-Keto enhances your body's fat burning processes but you will want to eat right and get your fair share to exercise. There is no magic formula that just makes fat disappear but 7-Keto sure comes close. 7-Keto is known as a great metabolism-booster and it does wonders in supporting the thyroid. In fact, there was a 1.4% increase in metabolism with 7-Keto. A little goes a long way when it comes to our metabolisms.

The Point of it All

You probably haven't heard much about 7-Keto because it isnt talked about greatly. What it is however is one of the most well-documented nutraceuticals of this day. This stuff costs 5 to 10 times more than other ingredients for good reason. It delivers what it is supposed to deliver. This is why Leangenix backs this product 100%...It does the job right. Just do your part, take Leangenix' 7-Keto and watch the fat disappear.

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Exercise: Can 'Wii Fit' really work?

Your Health: Can games like 'Wii Fit' really work it? -

n January and February, Wii Fit was the best-selling video game in the USA and had sold more than 6 million units, says market researcher NPD Group.

Think about it: A game that teaches yoga poses and calisthenics is outselling games that teach warfare and auto theft. Marketers have noticed. More "exergames" are in stores or on the way: The latest, Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (from Ubisoft, for Wii consoles).

'EXERGAMES': They can get kids off the couch

Fitness experts have noticed, too. Though no one says exergames will solve the nation's obesity problem, many hope they will produce real benefits.

"Some exercise is better than none," and "none" is what many people get, says Cedric Bryant, chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise.

People who use exergames certainly move. In Wii Fit, users are invited to try yoga, strength exercises, aerobic activities and balance games while stepping and gyrating on a movement-sensitive board and following an on-screen trainer. The game tells users they are toning their bodies, improving posture and balance and burning calories.

But how much good does it do?

The exercise council is conducting a study to find out. So are researchers at the University of Mississippi. They are lending the game to eight families for three months and recording the results, says Scott Owens, an associate professor of health and exercise science.

"I think that for people who have been inactive, there's a good chance they can see improvements," Owens says. And the game may inspire some to join real yoga classes or jog outside, Bryant adds.

Even hard-core athletes may find some use for such games, says Sue Stanley-Green, a professor of athletic training at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. She is trying Wii Fit as a rehabilitation tool for athletes who are recovering from surgery or injury.

More fitness games on the way

Of course, any exercise program can cause injury. Exergames are no exception, experts say. They also worry that people will substitute light game workouts (such as the three-minute hula-hoop sessions on Wii Fit) for more rigorous activities (such as brisk 30-minute, real-world walks). And they say an ideal exergame would offer more useful feedback than Wii Fit, and some early imitators do.

But games that are more demanding, more interactive or both are on the way or already available, says Stephen Yang, assistant professor of physical education at the State University of New York-Cortland. For addictive, calorie-burning fun, Yang recommends Eye Toy Kinetic (for PlayStation2), a workout game that points a camera at the user to track movements and provide instant feedback.

He also likes tween favorite Dance Dance Revolution (for various game systems), which is not marketed as an exercise game but fits the bill. And he directs parents to Gamercize, a British import that connects to any video game system — and keeps it running only as long as the user keeps moving on a mini-bike or step machine.

The future will bring games that track heart rates and keep exercisers working at a challenging but safe pace, he says. Virtual group workouts, with participants connected online to a live coach, will happen, too, he says.

Diet: The Rice Diet Solution

The Rice Diet Solution

By Kathleen M. Zelman MPH RD LD
WebMD Expert Review
The Rice Diet Solution: What It Is

The Rice Diet Solution is an extremely rigid approach to reverse disease and cause weight loss. The detailed food plan severely limits salt, sugar, fat, and processed foods and causes rapid weight loss. Dieters are promised fast weight loss of 20-30 pounds the first week followed by 2.5-3.5 pounds per week in the later phases. Add the recommended exercise and you can lose even more weight.

The Rice Diet Solution is based on the 1939 Rice Diet Program, where dieters checked into facilities in Durham, N.C., for an intensive two to four week boot camp focused on treating obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and kidney disease.

Due to the continued success of that expensive in-house program, co-authors, Kitty Rosati, MS, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian; and her cardiologist husband, Robert Rosati, MD, wrote The Rice Diet Solution to guide those wanting to try the diet at home.

The plan consists of a very low-calorie, high-complex carbohydrate, low-sodium, low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein, whole-foods diet designed to detoxify, cause , and prevent or reverse chronic diseases.

The plan incorporates stress reduction through mindfulness, yoga, and meditation as well. Hundreds of recipes, weekly menus, tips, and diet advice are sprinkled throughout The Rice Diet Solution book.

NOTE: The diet is not recommended for anyone who has had a colon resection or impaired kidney function.

The Rice Diet Solution: What You Can Eat

Ricers, the affectionate term for those following the Rice Diet Solution, eat more than just rice -- but not much. Though rice is part of the plan, it is one of 30 foods available at any given meal.

The plan allows for whole-grain starches, low-sodium beans, fruits, vegetables, nonfat dairy and very lean protein sources. "Eating a diet high in fiber from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will keep you feeling full and satisfied," says co-author Kitty Rosati.

The Rice Diet Solution plan has several phases:

Phase 1 -- one week

1 day: Basic Rice Diet (800 calories and 50 mg sodium)

2 starches and 2 fruits at breakfast, lunch, and dinner

6 days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet (1,000 calories a day and 300 mg sodium)

Breakfast: 1 starch, 1 fruit, 1 nonfat dairy

Lunch and dinner: 3 starches, 3 vegetables, 1 fruitÂ

Phase 2 -- one week

1 day: Basic Rice Diet

5 days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet

1 day: Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet (1,200 calories per day and 500 mg sodium)

Breakfast: 2 starches, 1 fruit

Lunch: 3 starches, 3 vegetables, 1 fruit

Dinner: 3 starches, 3 protein (or 2 dairy), 3 vegetables, 1 fruit

Phase 3 -- Maintenance. Same as phase 2, adding about 200 more calories per week, until you stop losing weight.

1 day: Basic Rice Diet

4 days: Lacto Vegetarian Rice Diet

2 days: Vegetarian Plus Rice Diet

The authors of The Rice Diet Solution note the diet is too low in calcium and vitamin D and suggest a once-daily multivitamin.

The Rice Diet Solution: How It Works

The Rice Diet Solution starts with 800 calories then gradually increases to the final, maintenance phase that allows 1,200 calories per day for the rest of your life. Experts warn that very low calorie diets less than 1,200 calories daily should be followed with medical supervision.

Clients who go through the North Carolina program lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and successfully lose weight. "When they come off fried foods, coffee, processed foods, and sugar and shift to more natural foods, their bodies feel better, migraines go away, symptoms for fibromyalgia disappear, and they no longer crave unhealthy foods," says Rosati.

Originally, the low-sodium diet plan was developed for patients with kidney disease to help lower blood pressure. Today, the severe sodium restriction works to trigger water loss. "The average American consumes 7,000 milligrams of sodium a day and when we reduce that to 50 milligrams in the detox phase one, they lose water and within 48 hours they lose their appetite," Rosati says.

Amy Jamieson-Petonic, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, with years of weight loss counseling experience, disagrees. "You can't blame salt for your appetite; there are so many factors that impact appetite including a huge psychological component that goes beyond salt."

The Rice Diet Solution only allows an average of 16 to 20 grams of protein daily, which is much lower than the Dietary Reference Intake recommendation of 46 to 56 grams per day. Rosati dismisses the national recommendation and suggests studies exist to support a lower protein intake.

The Rice Diet Solution: What the Experts Say

The Rice Diet Solution works best in a controlled environment, like the Durham clinic, with support services, medical supervision, and a boot camp mentality. When it comes to doing it at home, it may prove difficult. Additionally, many of the diet's recommended products are not widely available and require special orders.

The diet "has some good components including exercise, stress reduction, lifestyle changes, and an emphasis on whole foods," says registered dietitian Jamieson-Petonic. "What concerns me is when you eat less than 1,200 calories per day, your body thinks it is starving and responds by lowering basal metabolism, which could set up the undesirable yo-yo syndrome."

Which means such an inflexible and low-calorie diet is hard to sustain, could trigger binging, and has the potential for nutritional deficiencies. It's also a challenge when you eat out or attend social events.

Additionally, experts warn that low- may lead to the loss of muscle mass. "Lean and low-fat protein is important in everyone's diet," says Jamieson-Petonic, "especially if you are trying to lose weight, because it maintains muscle mass and keeps you feeling full longer than other nutrients."

Some experts would like to see outcome studies on the rapid weight loss documenting the long-term effectiveness of the Rice Diet Solution. "The 20 to 30 pound weight loss includes fluids, which do not offer the same health benefits as does losing the same amount of fat," says Jamieson-Petonic. She also believes that the fasting phase of the plan could result in side effects and advises consulting your medical doctor before starting the plan.

The Rice Diet Solution: Food for Thought

The Rice Diet Solution will cause weight loss due to its very low calorie content, but it may also take away some of the pleasure of eating, with its rules and limited food choices.

Inflexible, strict diets tend to be short-term fixes because dieters grow weary of the rules and cannot sustain the program for a lifetime. And with such diets it's questionable whether lost weight will be kept off when the likelihood is that the dieter will return to old eating habits.

The Rice Diet Solution may be a good kick-start to a healthier lifestyle but probably is too difficult to sustain long-term. Anyone with medical conditions or who needs to rapidly drop pounds may want to give this plan a try -- providing they get approval from their physician before starting on this semi-starvation program.

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How to avoid muscle injuries

How to avoid muscle injuries

By Jon Cardozo

Many people begin a new project with much excitement but inevitably lose some steam as time goes on. This certainly happens in the world of muscle building, and when the going gets tough it can be difficult to maintain your motivation. In order to avoid this, it helps to have a little knowledge beforehand.

Even though a person might be eager to get started, rushing ahead with misinformation can lead to major problems down the road. Not only can this impede your progress in a strength training program, but it can also lead to injury and illness if care is not taken in the beginning. Here are a few tips to help you avoid pain in the future.

The first thing you should check before you begin any serious weightlifting program is your current fitness level. Getting a checkup from your doctor is a good idea at this point if you haven't been physically active for a while. It's true that many people exaggerate this point and assume that they are not ready to get started on a physical fitness program. In fact, usually the exercise program is exactly what they need to improve their energy and physical well being. However, if you have any kind of muscle injuries you need to address this right away before getting started, and you may want to consider some newer therapies.

This so called alternative therapy is becoming more common and can offer recovery options that simply are not available in a doctor's office. The important point to keep in mind is that these injuries should be should be dealt with before they become a more severe problem. Remember that an injury like tendonitis can hamper your ability to train and delay your progress significantly.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the recovery program. You should never underestimate the importance of resting in between workouts. Some people make the mistake of going to the gym day after day and following an extremely intense workout program. The truth is that your muscles need rest in between workouts since that is when they grow. Too many beginners try to build their muscles all at once.

Remember that muscle grows because you're exposing it to a heavier weight than it is used to. This growth occurs after the workout is complete, and the body needs time to rebuild the muscle cells. This is why many well known trainers only recommend a few hours of workouts per week, believe it or not.

Getting plenty of rest is actually one of the most important parts of muscle building. Do not underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. Growth hormone is released during deep sleep, which is why you need to get plenty of sleep if you're serious about building a good amount of muscle. Also remember that your entire body is under stress during a workout, not just your muscles. You need to give your entire body a chance to recover before returning to the gym.

The last bit of advice I would like to give you before you begin your new weightlifting program has to do with listening to others. When you start going to the gym or hanging out in a bodybuilding forum, you'll probably be exposed to many different opinions that contradict each other. It's tough to sort it all out, but you need to look for people who have proven their philosophies and achieved success. Look for a trainer who has proven how to build muscle naturally without steroids and even with no supplements (or a minimum of supplements).

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Diet: 5 Factor Diet...Hollywoods Hottest Diet

TODAY books
updated 2:45 p.m. ET, Thurs., March. 26, 2009

Fitness trainer Harley Pasternak has helped celebrities like Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, Robert Downey Jr. and many more get healthy and toned — now he wants to help you! In “The 5-Factor Diet,” he shares his nutritional tips, Hollywood secrets and recipes to help you lose weight successfully. An excerpt.


This book took me 15 years to write. Not really 15 years of writing … more like a decade and a half of evolution. The 5-Factor evolution started when I was a “husky” teenager (“husky” is simply a kinder way of saying overweight). I bought every diet book, fitness magazine, and exotic weight loss pill, powder, and bar! I tried weight training, step aerobics classes, Pilates, and yoga. I experimented with diets such as Pritikin, Body For Life, and the Zone. I became interested in exercise and nutrition as a way to make me look and feel better. However, it wasn’t until both of my younger brothers were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that I became interested in the science of food and how it affects our bodies. I spent eight years in university studying metabolism, biochemistry, nutrition, and physiology. I call this period my “nerd years.” While I was in graduate school, the 5-Factor evolution continued as I began to work as a nutrition scientist for the Canadian Department of National Defense. I learned a great deal about research.

Not only did I perform my own nutrition studies (breaking many test tubes in the process), but I also learned how to assess existing nutrition research. Equipped with studies that could definitively support or refute popular diet info, I began to question many dietary practices. I thought more critically about claims I heard about popular diet programs and weight loss supplements. I reread all the diet books I had previously treated as gospel and underlined all of the “facts” the books used to support their claims. I then set out to find the research these claims were based on. To my chagrin, I realized most diets and weight loss strategies are quick-fix programs based on half-truths and fl at-out fabrications. I knew there had to be a way of eating healthy that would also be realistic.

I wanted a program based on real truth, real science, and real people’s lifestyles, a sensible system that would promote fat loss and enjoyment. My 5-Factor evolution continued as my nutrition and fitness practice grew. I developed and refined my nutrition plan and applied it to clients with amazing results. My program garnered the attention of actors who wanted to tone up for upcoming roles. Nineteen films, nine television shows, and more than 50 actor and musician clients later, my 5-Factor Diet has helped the likes of Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Mandy Moore, Eva Mendes, Rachel Weisz, Rick Fox, John Mayer, Brendan Fraser, Stephen Dorff , Robert Downey Jr., and Benjamin Bratt. In 2005 my first book, “5-Factor Fitness,” hit the top of two bestseller lists. Though “5-Factor Fitness” was primarily an exercise plan, it contained a brief introduction to the 5-Factor Diet and offered a number of quick 5-Factor recipes. I received more than 5,000 emails from people who had purchased “5-Factor Fitness” and had shed anywhere from 5 to 87 pounds! Nearly all of them requested more 5-Factor recipes and wanted to know more about the 5-Factor Diet. So, with great pride, I present you with the last diet book you will ever purchase. Welcome to The “5-Factor Diet.”

Chapter one: A Fresh Start

We’ve met before. I don’t know your name or where you live, but it’s safe to say that I do know you — and I know why you’re reading this book. You’re not happy with your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds, firm up, or improve your health so you can live a longer life; all of these goals start with eating right. Most likely you’ve already tried some — it probably seems like all — of the different diets that are popular today. It’s likely that you even lost some weight. But if you’re like most people, you gained some or all of it back. Or worse, you regained it all plus a few extra pounds. You’re sick and tired of fighting the “fat war,” running caloric calculations in your head and denying yourself entire food groups. You’re fed up with weighing your food at every meal, scrimping on portions, and eating tasteless diet foods while salivating over the cooking shows on TV — all in an effort to look as lean, fit, and glamorous as the movie stars you admire on the big screen. Well, I have some news for you. Television actors and movie stars don’t make the same mistakes that you have. And with the 5-Factor Diet, you won’t make those mistakes ever again. Absolutely anyone can get into better shape quickly — the harder part, of course, is staying that way. 5-Factor can help.

My Hollywood secrets are now yours

When my first book, “5-Factor Fitness,” became an overnight success in 2005, I was proud that the system I’ve been using for years with my Hollywood clients was finally available to everyone. In the book I outlined a 5-week program to jump-start readers to a better body and healthier lifestyle, focusing primarily on fitness and exercise. Since the book was published, I’ve been overwhelmed with requests from readers like you asking for more information on diet and nutrition. The sheer volume of letters I’ve received has made it clear to me that people want to know more about the nutritional plan I use with my clients — particularly the 5-minute meals that are part of my program — and how to incorporate it into their day-to-day lives. The “5-Factor Diet” book you’re holding is my new nutritional bible, a complete guide to the simple yet extraordinarily effective diet program I’ve used for years with my celebrity clients to get them — and keep them — in great shape. My 5-Factor Diet stands alone as a nutritional program that is simple yet comprehensive. More important, it actually works. Having this book on your shelf will be like having your very own round-the-clock personal nutritionist and chef on hand. It’s the result of my many years of education and experience in the weight loss industry, with proven results you can see anytime one of my celebrity clients makes a movie, strolls down the red carpet, or poses for a magazine. The “5-Factor Diet” is not just another diet book. I promise, this will be the last diet book you’ll ever need.

The 5-Factor Diet

So why do I call my program the 5-Factor Diet? That’s easy! Or, I should say, it’s to make things easier for you. Every nutritional and exercise principle I’m about to teach you breaks down into five easy-to-remember points:

  • The 5-Factor Diet is a 5-week diet plan.
  • There are 5 types of food you should eat in every meal.
  • The Diet incorporates a 5-phase 5-Factor Hollywood Workout.
  • My exercise routine, like my diet, is simple: 5 workouts a week, each consisting of five 5-minute phases.
  • To follow my diet, you’ll want to try some of my 100-plus 5-Factor recipes, which require only 5 (or fewer) main ingredients. Each delicious recipe can be prepared in 5 minutes or less. (That doesn’t count cooking time, of course; I said delicious, not miraculous!) I promise: If you can count to 5, the 5-Factor Diet will be the easiest diet you’ll ever use to lose.

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Diet: Negative Calorie Diet

The concept of a food with negative calories seems like a joke. Many fad diets are about foods with ‘magical’ properties, and many offer only very temporary weight loss solutions - and who can maintain a monotonous diet of only one or two foods?

There are no foods with a negative calorie value. However it can be possible to obtain a ‘negative’ calorie effect.
Negative Calorie Effect

Fibrous complex carbohydrates are generally good for us. The American Heart Association recommends that 55% of our daily calories should come from complex carbohydrates. Fiber (in the correct amounts) is good for the digestive process, helping food to be processed and eliminated efficiently (it keeps us running smoothly!) - and can prevent gastro-intestinal ailments.

What is a fibrous complex carbohydrate? Green vegetables.

Green vegetables are low in calories. You can eat a lot of them without getting fat - yet at the same time the fibrous content can ‘fill you up’. There are some green vegetables in particular that are very low in calories.

Every food requires some energy in order to digest it (called the thermic effect of food). Some green vegetables may actually have some of their calories burnt up just to digest them. This is the "negative calorie" process. When a person eats a piece of food the first thing that happens is chewing and this action consumes energy. Foods that are higher in stringy fibers, such as celery, generally require more chewing, and hence more energy expenditure, than other foods such as cake which do not require as much chewing. After chewing, the food is moved down the esophagus and into the stomach, where it begins to be broken down as it mixes with stomach acid. Then it is moved into the small intestine where it is liquefied and absorption into the body begins. Then the mass moves into the large intestine where fluids are absorbed and then the residual mass is excreted.

The Negative Calorie diet believes that this entire process of digestion uses many calories, and so by eating foods that are low in calories, and take longer to digest, the body will actually be using more calories than are taken by processing the foods. The diet claims that these extra calories required for digestion are taken from fat stores in the body, and that the more of these negative calorie foods the dieter eats, the more weight will be lost.

The Negative Calorie diet gives, as an example, the net calorie consumption from eating broccoli. It says that if you eat a serving of 100 grams of broccoli, which contains 25 calories, it will take the body 80 calories worth of energy to digest it. This results in a negative net calorie use of 55 calories which are supposed to be taken from fat stores on the body. As a counter example the diet says that if a dieter eats a piece of cake that contains 400 calories, it will take the body 150 calories to digest it, and the net 250 calories taken into the body will be stored as fat.

The Negative Calorie diet contains more than 100 foods which are considered negative calorie. These are mostly fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Some of the vegetables include: asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, celery, chilies, garlic, lettuce, spinach, and zucchini. Some fruits considered negative calorie include: apples, grapefruits, lemons, oranges, and pineapple.

There are 3 diet plans that a dieter can select from, depending on how fast the dieter wants to lose weight. Also provided are a variety of recipes and suggestions for how to continue to include negative calorie foods in the diet once the desired weight loss has been achieved.

The diet says that eating these negative calorie foods can actually increase the body's metabolism. One suggestion is breathing better and more deeply. The diet says that this will increase metabolism and let the body rid itself of toxins. The diet also provides a set of exercises. It claims that the three exercises provided will tone 85% of the body's muscles. These exercises are recommended to be done for 15 minutes, three times a week.

The Negative Calorie diet claims that dieters can lose up to 14 pounds in 7 days. Although this has not been proven, there are many benefits to a diet that includes many of the foods on the negative calorie list. Eating a diet that includes many different fruits and vegetables will provide a dieter with many vitamins and minerals that are important to good health.

Including many of the foods listed as negative calorie foods may be able to help promote weight loss if part of an otherwise balanced and healthy diet. This is because foods that are low in calories, but full of fiber, can make the dieter feel fuller after eating fewer calories, and because fibrous foods may take longer for the stomach to break down, they may help the dieter to feel full longer. There are many benefits to losing weight if it is done at a moderate pace through healthy eating and increased exercise. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other diseases and conditions. Losing weight can reduce the risks of these and other obesity-related diseases as well as may be able reduce the severity of the symptoms if the diseases have already occurred.

There are some risks with any diet, and these risks are often especially great when the diet severely limits the foods that can be eaten. It is often difficult to get enough of some vitamins and minerals when eating a limited variety of foods. The Negative Calorie diet limits the dieter mainly to the list of foods that are believed to be negative calorie. Although these foods are fruits and vegetables, which are good sources of many important vitamins and minerals, they are not enough to maintain good health.

The Negative Calorie diet limits dairy products, as they are not considered to be negative calorie. Because these foods are excellent sources of calcium, it is possible that people who do not eat any of these foods may not get enough calcium in their diet. Lack of calcium can lead to many different disease and conditions such as osteoporosis and rickets. Anyone considering this diet might want to consider taking a supplement or vitamin to help reduce the risk of this and other similar deficiencies.

Protein and fat are also not included in any of the foods that are considered to be negative calorie. Although too much fat in the diet can be harmful, some is required to maintain good health. Protein is also necessary for good health. Not getting enough protein can have many negative effects on the body and people considering this diet should closely monitor their intake to make sure that they are getting enough.

The Negative Calorie diet severely limits the intake of dairy products for dieters. Dairy products are generally considered to be part of a healthy diet. MyPyramid recommends the equivalent of 3 cups of low-fat or non-fat dairy per day for healthy adults. Following the Negative Calorie diet would generally not meet this recommendation.

Starches and grains are also severely restricted on the Negative Calorie diet. Whole grains are generally considered a necessary and important part of any healthy diet. MyPyramid recommends that healthy adults eat the equivalent of 3 to 4 ounces of grains each day, of which at least half should be whole grains. The Negative Calorie diet would not generally meet this recommendation.

Weight Loss From Negative Calorie Diet

It is likely that all weight loss on the Negative Calorie Diet comes simply from consuming low calories. It is very unlikely that any diet consisting of a certain group of foods will have any ‘magical’ properties.

Fibrous vegetables are filling, very nutritious yet low in calories - any diet consisting of large portions of vegetables will aid in weight loss.

Vegetables Fruits Liquids Spices
Asparagus Apple Ice Cinnamon
Beet root Blueberries Diet soda
Broccoli Cantaloupe
Cabbage Cranberry
Carrot Grapefruit
Cauliflower Honeydew
Celery Lemon/Lime
Chicory Mango
Hot chili oil Orange

Garden cress Peach
Garlic Pineapple
Green bean Raspberry
Lettuce Strawberry
Onion Tomato
Radish Tangerine
Spinach Turnip


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Diet: Tuna and Water Diet

Tuna and Water Diet | Wish Everyone Good Health.

Ready for a hardcore diet to get lean in a matter of days? This diet is used by professional bodybuilders to prepare before the competition. It requires an iron willpower but guarantees 100% results.

Here is how it works:

* Normally this diet is followed for 3 days.

* Take in 6 equal tuna servings. Once each 2.5 - 3 hours.

* Drink as much water as possible. At least 3-4 liters. Water fills your stomach and helps you not to feel hungry. There is no limit. Drink as much as you can.

* Take at least twice a day some vitamins. This is crucial since you won’t get much vitamins from tuna during this diet.

* You will need at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of your weight (aroung 3 gram per kilogram). Tuna’s marvelous as it contains 26 gram protein per 100 gram tuna. Here are two handy formulas to calculate your tuna serving size:

For kilogram calculation: (bodyweight * 3 * 100) / (6 * 26) = bodyweight * 300 / 156 = 1 tuna serving (in gram)

For pound calculation: bodyweight * 100 / 156 or bodyweight * 150 / 156 = 1 tuna serving (in gram)

Don’t think it is an easy task, but the harder the task, the greater the payoff. For beginners I suggest to start the diet on friday evening after the work and keep it for two days. The reason is that you cannot control the regular food intake very well during a workday as you work normally 4 hours (or more) non stop and get only one break to eat. Moerover, two days diet is not as hardcore as 3 or 4 days diet. I recommend this for all beginners. If you can keep this diet for two days without problems, wonderful, you can keep it for one or two days more.

Stay strong and be aware of forbidden foods. Your energy levels may fall in the first 1.5 days. You may feel very weak as never before. This is the time of your spirit to stay as hard as iron and keep the diet! Your body will soon adapt and the strength will come back.

Personally, I am doing this diet at the weekend every 2-3 weeks. It helps to burn the extra fat I may have gained during that period. It is a wonderful way to stay lean 365 days a year!

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Warning: Acai berry supplements are a scam

Are the Acai Berry Supplement free trial offers a scam

or the Acai Berry Supplements themselves? Or Both?

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (see article below) is warning consumers that those ubiquitous "blogs" bragging of miraculous weight loss from acai berry supplements are, in fact, a scam. (So ubiquitous that I'll bet there are ads for these diet scams right on this page.)

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you.

If you've clicked on more than one of those "random female name" diet "blogs" you've surely figured this out yourself. But apparently many people fall for the scammers who rope people into "free" samples of useless supplements that require a credit card number.

The lowly Brazilian berry had miracle properties bestowed on it from a few mentions on TV -- Oprah and the Rachael Ray Show specifically. Since then you've no doubt seen ads for "Oprah's miracle diet," "Rachel Ray diet" or "Doctor Oz's miracle." Turns out while the fruit has a decent amount of antioxidants, you can get far more antioxidants from ordinary fruits like blueberries, Concord grapes and black cherries. Winfrey, Oz and Ray have all publicly disassociated themselves from the sites. From the CSPI press release:

"When I logged on to my Hotmail account, I saw an ad about how Oprah lost weight on this diet, and I enrolled in what I thought would be a free trial," said M Chanel Pinkett, a graduate student from Gaithersburg, Md., who signed up for a free trial at, a site run by FWM Laboratories. Pinkett's "free" trial actually cost $174.26. After posting a complaint on, which has thousands of açai-related complaints, she told her story to Washington's WJLA-TV.

Consumers Warned of Web-Based Açai Scams
Companies Use Fake Blogs, Fake Endorsements, Fishy Science, and Hard-to-Cancel Credit Card Transactions to Bilk Consumers

WASHINGTON—The Center for Science in the Public Interest is warning consumers not to enroll online in supposedly free trials of diet products made with the trendy Brazilian berry açai (pronounced a-sigh-EE). There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that açai pills will help shed pounds, flatten tummies, cleanse colons, enhance sexual desire, or perform any of the other commonly advertised functions. And thousands of consumers have had trouble stopping recurrent charges on their credit cards when they cancel their free trials.

Even web sites purporting to warn about açai-related scams are themselves perpetrating scams, according to CSPI.

"If Bernard Madoff were in the food business, he’d be offering 'free' trials of açai-based weight-loss products," said CSPI senior nutritionist David Schardt, who authored an exposé of the scam in the April issue of CSPI’s Nutrition Action Healthletter. "Law enforcement has yet to catch up to these rogue operators. Until they do, consumers have to protect themselves."

Photo Credit: Jeff Cronin
Acai companies are scamming consumers with hard-to-cancel credit-card charges. There is also no scientific evidence supporting the supposed health benefits of these products.

CSPI says that if—despite the total lack of evidence that the product works—you still want to take advantage of a "free" trial of açai, use a prepaid credit card with a low credit limit or a virtual credit card that shields your real credit card number from unscrupulous online vendors. Visit the web site of the Better Business Bureau, which in January announced that it had received thousands of açai-related complaints.

Look for the BBB seal on e-commerce sites and click on the seal to confirm its legitimacy, CSPI advises.

Açai began attracting attention in 2005 on the belief that its juice was especially high in antioxidants. In truth, açai juice has only middling levels of antioxidants—less than that of Concord grape, blueberry, and black cherry juices, but more than cranberry, orange, and apple juices. Even so, the extent to which antioxidants by themselves promote health is a matter of some debate. No credible evidence suggests antioxidants promote weight loss.

In early 2008, Açai got a jolt of publicity when Dr. Mehmet Oz included açai among tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, and other healthy foods in a segment on Oprah. A guest on Rachael Ray also discussed an açai beverage. Since then, ads on Google, Facebook, and major news media web sites have misleadingly steered consumers to sites with names like ,,, and dozens of others. links to a blog post by a woman who supposedly lost 57 pounds using Oprah-endorsed products, and displays authoritative-looking biographies of Oprah and Dr. Oz. It then links to an offer for AcaiBurn, sold by a company that lists an address in Cyprus as its headquarters. Other sites link to FWM Laboratories of Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood, Fla., which has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and scores of horror stories about it on Internet complaint forms. Oprah Winfrey, Mehmet Oz, and Rachael Ray have all publicly disassociated themselves from the açai sites that make unauthorized use their names.

"When I logged on to my Hotmail account, I saw an ad about how Oprah lost weight on this diet, and I enrolled in what I thought would be a free trial," said M Chanel Pinkett, a graduate student from Gaithersburg, Md. who signed up for a free trial at, a site run by FWM Laboratories. Pinkett's "free" trial actually cost $174.26. After posting a complaint on, which has thousands of açai-related complaints, she told her story to Washington's WJLA-TV.

"There are no magical berries from the Brazilian rainforest that cure obesity—only painfully real credit card charges and empty weight loss promises," said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. "Aggressive Acai berry pitches on the Internet entice countless consumers into free trials promising weight loss, energy and detoxification. These claims are based on folklore, traditional remedies and outright fabrications—unproven by real scientific evidence. In reality, consumers lose more money than weight after free trials transition into inescapable charges. We will investigate these allegedly misleading or deceptive nutrition and health claims and take action under our consumer protection statutes—as we have done with other food products."

FWM Laboratories, Advanced Wellness Research, and other acai companies benefit from dozens of fake diet blogs that steer unsuspecting consumers to sites plugging free açai trials. The woman depicted on Tara's Diet Blog, Olivia's Weight Loss blog, Alicia's Diet Blog, Becky's Weight Loss blog, and at least 75 other blogs is a German model named Julia who has nothing to do with acai or any weight-loss product. The German photographer who made the original photos of her available on said the pill companies manipulated some of the "after" images to give the impression of weight loss. The fake blogs were first uncovered by a real blog,, written by an ad-industry insider.

"These diet 'bloggers' are just a mirage," Schardt said. "Their weight loss is courtesy of Photoshop, not açai." Other açai companies with F ratings from the BBB include Pure Acai Berry Pro (Advanced Wellness Research), AcaiBurn, Acai Berry Maxx (FX Supplements), and SFL Nutrition.

One of several online purchases of açai attempted by CSPI was blocked when the fraud department of the credit card’s issuing bank called the group, flagging the charge as suspicious. The reason? The funds would have been routed to an overseas bank.

Of course there's good reason why some Internet supplement scammers might want to stay safely outside the U.S.: The company behind Enzyte, an herbal "male enhancement" pill advertised on late night television with grating "Smiling Bob" commercials, similarly charged consumers' credit cards after free trials ended. Company founder Steve Warshak is now serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison.

(NECN: Brian Burnell, Hartford, Conn.) - It's the latest weight loss craze hitting the Internet. While the proper pronunciation of this Brazilian berry is in dispute, health experts agree, it doesn't work, and Connecticut's attorney general has launched an investigation.

We're talking about Acai berry. Take a look at the junk mail folder in your e-mail and there is probably an e-mail, or several e-mails, from companies selling this stuff. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says it is not beneficial to your physical health and could be dangerous to your financial well-being.

Its promoters promise not only weight loss, but detoxification all from a few pills.

Soon after signing up for a free trial, M. Chanel Pinkett started to receive more pills and get charged for them. She was billed more than $200 in three weeks and couldn't stop it.

Pinkett had to cancel her credit card to get the bills to stop. Blumenthal is launching an investigation into the business practices associated with Acai berry products. Practices like claiming celebrity endorsement where there are really none, and fabricating blogs where the real people sharing real results are actually one model who's picture can be purchased online.

Diet: Angelina Jolie's Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet

ANGELINA JOLIE is causing concern on the set of her new film Salt with a crazy diet called liquid detox.

She aims to shed 21lb in just 21 days for her role as a CIA officer unmasked as a Russian spy.

But Ange is raising eyebrows as everyone thinks she has a fantastic figure.

The diet — living on a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup — is leaving her weak.

A source said: “She does all her own stunts but we worry she could injure herself due to the weight loss.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is a diet program that aims specifically at ridding the body of toxins. The term toxins gets thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly are they? Toxins are chemicals that are harmful to the body that we attain from our environment, think exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, factory pollution, etc..

The word “toxins” has become a huge buzz word in the weight loss industry today. Detoxing is the major focus of the new Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox and several other popular diets.

Obviously, we all know that we don’t want toxins in our body. What you probably don’t know is exactly what they are doing to you, and the biggest surprise of all may be where they are coming from.

The definition of a toxin is an agent that can cause damage to a living thing.

Environment, or Exogenous is a key factor in your toxin intake. Every day in the United States thousands of tons of chemicals are being poured into the air by industrial companies. These are unnatural industrial compounds that are engineered for a specific task, and most of them haven’t been proven safe for human consumption. In fact, most have been proven to be unsafe or even fatal. Yet everyday we are breathing in more and more of these toxic molecules. A State of Massachusetts study estimated half of all ill illness could be caused by poor air quality, both indoors and outdoors.

Our bodies also produce toxins on their own. In the process of generating energy for us to live, there is the creation of waste products in the form of toxins. Luckily for us, our body does a fantastic job of excreting these chemicals through our skin, hair, lungs, urine, and feces. Some toxins actually help us, it’s the bacterial toxins in our digestive tract that break down our food and allow us to eat the variety of foods that we enjoy everyday.

What does this mean is terms of weight loss?

Toxins slow down your metabolism, plain and simple. They reduce our ability to burn lipids, or fat, and weaken our immune system greatly.

What’s the proper way to detox?

The most accessible way to detox is to exercise. Our body is fighting them all the time, you can give your body the edge by staying in shape. Colonics are great for flushing the toxins that aren’t passed in bowel movements. There are alternatives to costly colonics though, you can find many products do a wonderful job of eliminating toxins from our body by converting them into a form more easily excreted by the body.

The goods news is that some of your toxin intake is probably preventable. Tobacco use is perhaps one of the most toxic but preventable factors. Unfortunately, it isn’t bad for smokers, but for everyone around a smoker too. Car fumes are another big cause of toxins in the body. You should always try to avoid breathing both of them whenever you can. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported a 42% increase in asthma from 1990-2000, all due to these air borne pollutants.

Most people don’t know that toxins aren’t only absorbed through your lungs, but they are also absorbed through your skin. You may think that the makeup you’re wearing is just a topical compound, the truth is that you’re actually absorbing a lot of what is in that makeup right into your body.

Created by Dr. Roni DeLuz, the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox program is based on Dr. DeLuz’s 21 Pounds in 21 Days. The diet detox program comes in several different packages as well as individual products.

The various products include Smooth Move Tea, Stevita Stevia Supreme, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice, Swiss Kriss, 24 Hour Inner Cleanse, Garden Greens Protein Shake, 21 Pounds in 21 Days, MegaFood DailyFoods MegaZymes (Vegicaps), Goji Splash, Essential Greens 3000 by Garden Greens, Berry Splash Mixed Berry Formula, Garden Greens Essential Veggies, VegeSplash and Essential Greens. The only product we could find an ingredient list for was VegeSplash, and the ingredient list was mostly just vegetables. As such, we find little proof that these various products may have any truly significant weight loss effects. They may be a great natural way to cleanse the body, but we do not expect more than that.

Diet provides consumers with recipes and tips as well as maintenance plans.

Diet includes a guide to supplements.

Diet will help detoxify the body to promote weight loss and improve general health.
Diet requires some lifestyle changes.

Diet may be difficult to get used to.

Diet ingredients do not include any proven appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters or fat burners.

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How to Keep Your Joints Healthy

How to Keep Your Joints Healthy?
By James Ball

Several excellent ways to maintain joints healthy comprise of losing weight in case of being overweight, eating a healthy diet, workout and keeping you busy in a physical action, and to keep away from taking stress or strain.

Joints actually help and provide you the flexibility to bend your knees and elbows. Joints constitute a connection between two bones and help you in turning your head, use your fingers and move them flexibly etc. There is a layer of cartilage which is actually a smooth tissue along with synovium which is a fluid, and helps to cushion the joints together in order to prevent the bones from rubbing against each another. It is relatively important to make correct movements while you walk, bend, or sit in order to avoid any joint injury.

In addition to this, you should also abstain from carrying too much weight as it also lessens the joint life. Other issues including age or any injury may also damage your cartilage which can show the way to injury in your joints. The injury in your joints might cause troubles such as arthritis which is characterized by swelling in the joints.

Some considerable ways to sustain healthy and strapping joints is to maintain your muscles, ligaments, and bones well. You ought to try to lose certain amount of weight if you wish to ensure strong joints. Losing some weight may perhaps result in lesser pressure on your hips, knees, back, and may perhaps diminish the hazard of harm. Keeping your weight up to the mark is actuality important as amplified weight is very much connected to amplifying joint problems.

You can keep your joints healthy by practicing a customary exercise pattern. Aerobics exercises are considered healthy for sustaining strong joints. Moreover, it also diminishes the inflammation in the joints. Nevertheless, step aerobics is normally not suggested as it demands an extra stress on your joints. Swimming or bicycling is also suggested in order to maintain healthy joints.

If you wish to keep your joints healthy you have to make muscles as muscles facilitate in providing support to your body. Additionally, do not treat yourself in some exercise that might cause you soreness or strains your muscles or joints. In order to keep joints healthy you ought to sit in accurate position that ropes your joints rather than putting pressure on them.

Ensure safety while you employ yourself in activities such as kneeling or squatting by wearing knee pads, helmet, and elbow and wrist pads. This guards you from unanticipated harms which may perhaps also spoil your cartilage.

In order to maintain healthy joints, it is equally vital to eat a well-balanced diet to ensure stronger bones. Calcium facilitates in keeping your bones stronger. Thus, you should make sure that you gulp milk, or eat yogurt, broccoli, kale and figs which are also high in calcium. Apart from this, you should as well keep your joints strong by eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid such as fish as this as well assists in increasing your joints vigour.

About the Author:
James is a chiropractor who believes that joints with full mobility can be maintained well into old age. In addition to joint movement exercises, supplements such as serrapeptase are essential for healthy joints. James is proud to say that he has helped a large number of people regain movement through his therapies.

Madonna's 5 Exercise Tips

Her romantic life may be a constant source of drama but the Material Girl definitely knows how to keep her workout regimen consistent and stress free. Fitness magazine recently sat down and chatted with Startraks photog Humberto Carreno, who has the dubious distinction of playing “fly on the wall” when Madonna is in New York City. Carreno told Fitness:

“She’s amazing. She never misses a day,” he says. Here are a few of her stay-fit secrets.

1. Stick to a time, but be flexible.
Like clockwork, Madonna leaves her home at 8 a.m. to exercise. Even the morning after a late-night event, she won’t skip her workout. “She’ll come out later, at 10:30,” Carreno says.

2. Ditch the crummy sweats.
Catch the Material Girl in old T-shirts? Never! “She always looks great, wearing the coolest athletic clothes,” Carreno notes. “It must motivate her.”

3. Change it up.
“She’s really careful about not getting bored. One day she’ll go to the gym, the next she’ll be jogging in Central Park,” Carreno says. “I’ve never seen her do the same thing twice in a row.”

4. Find friends who love to work out.
They’ll not only encourage you, they’ll join you. Carreno has shot Madonna running with Ingrid Casares; in London, she’s been seen leaving her gym with Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney.

5. Don’t overdo it.
Carreno has noticed that the singer never works out for more than 45 minutes. So take heart: An incredible body doesn’t have to be a full-time job — just a regular commitment.

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Skin Care: Emu Oil

Oil from a emu could help you stay looking as young as you are today

By Deena Jones

Emu oil has been around for a while. It has been a staple product for skin care on the market in Australia for many, many years. It is also excellent for muscles aches, relieves pain, and is good for burns and wounds. In fact, emu oil is so useful, all around, that is considered to be something of a wonder product.

Emu oil is made from the fat of the emu, an ostrich-like bird that originates in Australia. These days you can find emu oil produced outside Australia as emu ranching has spread to other parts of the world. The cosmetic and skin care industries are really sitting up and taking notice of this wonderful product. You will find lots of products containing emu oil at your cosmetic counter today.

What is it that makes emu oil superior to the rest? The fact is that emu oil has the ability to soak deeply into the skin. Other oils just sit on the surface. Because of this unique quality, emu oil can truly affect the skins condition. This makes it great for stubborn conditions like dandruff and even hair loss.

If you have tried other skin moisturizing products without success, you will surely want to look into emu oil. It has truly wonderful moisturizing benefits. As we all know, aging has a drying effect on the skin and causes wrinkles and fine lines in the facial area. Emu oil is very good at addressing this problem.

Well moisturized skin just doesn't show fine lines and wrinkles. With emu oil, your skin can be truly well moisturized because the emu oil will sink into your skin rather than just forming a film over the surface. Emu oil really improves the condition of your skin due to its unique absorptive properties.

Doctors have advised patients with very dry skin and difficult skin conditions like rashes and eczema to use emu oil for quite some time now. It can have wonderful effects on difficult skin conditions. If we have piqued your interest, you will want to search online for emu oil products. Check a number of sites for good prices, but be sure you are also getting a product that has a significant amount of emu oil in it.

When you have located the product that you feel is just right for you, you will want to start off by sampling a small amount of oil on your skin to see how it does. You are sure to be pleased with the results. If you need more convincing to give emu oil a try, just look up all the research that has been done on its effectiveness. You will see that emu oil has earned all the praise it is so freely given.

About the Author:

Organic Skin Care Treatment Tips

Organic Skin Care Treatment Tips

By L. K. Reid

When it comes to organic skin care, using fruits and vegetables for cleansing routines has become common place.

Turmeric, apple, papaya, ginger are others that find a wide use in organic skin care routines. These organic materials have a very refreshing and vitalizing effect on your skin.

If you are referencing the organic skin care section of a skin care guide, be sure to understand all of the treatment options that are presented. Making the move to organic skin care is sure to benefit the overall health of your skin. Be sure to plan the necessary time to experiment with different combinations of organic products until you find the mixture that fits perfectly with your skin care routine.

Always use fresh organic fruits and vegetables for your organic skin care regime. It goes without saying that using old or rotten organic materials will only diminish the final results. Along with fruits and vegetables, milk is another effective item in the organic skin care arsenal. Milk, combined with ground oatmeal, has been proven to be an effective cleanser and moisturizer.

Ground oatmeal is especially good for oily skins and is a popular ingredient in organic skin care regimen. It is used in various combinations e.g. with egg, honey, milk and fruits, for preparation of organic facial packs.

Along with ground oatmeal, wheat germ is another component of a organic skin care routine. Wheat germ is highly concentrated with vitamin E, which facilitates exfoliation and offers excellent moisturizing capabilities.

In addition to oatmeal, wheat germ, and it's by product, wheat germ oil, are often ingredients found in organic skin treatments used to moisturize and exfoliate facial skin. Other organic sources for removing dead skin cells and helping the skin to retain its moisture are yogurt and sour cream.

If you are looking to add radiance and tone to your skin, consider using honey as part of your organic skin care treatment. To replace chemical skin toners, try using rose water or lavender water instead.

About the Author:

Omega 3. A Must Intake

Omega 3. A Must Intake
By Dave Kool

Omega 3 fatty acids are a family of unsaturated fatty acids that our body can't make. Omega 3 is necessary for brain functioning and also for development and progress of the body. As our body can't produce it so we require food to develop these fatty acids. Fish like salmon and halibut are famous to be the best sources for omega 3 fatty acids. Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA) are known to be three main omega 3 fatty acids. Clinical studies suggest that omega 3 fatty acids are very helpful to treat many medical illnesses. It is useful for the prevention of heart disease and numerous other problems which add to heart diseases. It is also beneficial for people who are suffering from prostrate, breast and colon cancer. Some of the benefits and uses of omega 3 include;

High Cholesterol Control

ALA is found in walnuts and fatty fish which are good to reduce cholesterol level in the body. It is also helpful to reduce the trigycerides level in the body.

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are two very lethal ailments which can be restricted by using substances of DHA and EPA; fish oil is the greatest source of these substances. DHA and EPA are also supportive to treat atherosclerosis. These substances suppress the development of plague and blood clots thus avoid heart disease and stroke. Doctors suggest taking fish in your food two times in a week; it is necessary for every person and reduces risk factor of stroke by half.

High Blood Pressure Control

Research makes it obvious that omega 3 fatty acids are excellent to lower blood pressure to great level. It is also helpful for individuals with hypertension. There is one exemption not to use mercury rich food as it can raise blood pressure.

Avoiding Rheumatoid arthritis

Tenderness in the joints and morning stiffness are medical conditions which can be avoided by using omega 3 fatty acids. Research shows that omega 3 is also helpful for reducing inflammation.

Help in Osteoporosis

EPA is omega 3 fatty acid that is rich in calcium. It adds calcium in the bones and improves calcium level in the body and gives our bones a great strength. Those people who take EPA in their routine diet do not come across bone density harms.

Avoiding Depression

Nerve cell membranes help for nerve communication. These are vital for any human being for his/her cerebral health and to stay watchful. Luckily, omega 3 fatty acids contain imperative parts for these membranes. Still we need to take these fatty acids in good ratio. If we fall short there is a strong possibility to encounter depression.

All these fatty acids play a fundamental role for proper functioning of our body. It establishes and upholds our health by increasing energy, performance and stamina. The fatty acids are good for empowering our immune system. We are more likely to be saved from cardiovascular disease. Steady use of these fatty acids can aid in weight reduction. Our brain can work better and it makes functions like wits, behavior and vision better. These fatty acids are good for injured people as it speeds up recovery and healing process. It recovers our digestive system. In short, these fatty acids are must for every person to stay in shape and healthy.

About the Author:
The fatty acid omega 3 that has been shown to combat a number of ailments. Omega 3 is present in a large number of everyday foods and a wide range of dietary supplements, such as udos choice. If your diet does not include natural sources of omega 3s, these supplements are an acceptable alternative. They also ensure that you get the minimum dosage.