Sunday, February 1, 2009

9 Bad Habits

9 Bad Habits Breaking bad habits makes a mind and body feel good.

Bad habit #1: Always on your Cell Phone

Why it’s a bad habit: You’re not the only one, you see people either talking or texting out to dinner, driving or even at the movies. You feel the need to be connected, but the truth is you do not need to be plugged in all the time. It takes you away from your life and at times it is disrespectful, it could also be dangerous.

How? Are you bored or do you have to keep in touch because of work? Try to limit your calls especially when you are in a social setting. Put your phone on vibrate and call or text them later. Give yourself some quiet time enjoy the moment. You might like it and so will your partner or children.

Bad habit #2: Unorganized

Why it’s a bad habit: It you get yourself organized you will have more time and feel like you have accomplished something. Personally if you have a lot going on you might want to write it down. Just getting it out of your head helps. Then prioritize your “things to do list”. If it is work related a good website for “getting things done or GTD” is

How? Take baby steps…at home; make your bed, do the dishes, or figure out what for dinner before dinner time. Open your mail daily and toss everything you do not need away. Have a action folder or drawer where you keep your bills or other mail that needs attention. File them by due date. I keep a check list of all my bills once they are paid I put them in a monthly file for tax purposes. These positive changes will create “good” habits that will boost your self esteem with a feeling of accomplishment.

Bad habit #3: Always Late

Why it’s a bad habit: Always on the go the last minute leaves you frustrated and creates a bad impression. I always say to myself “Did I turn off the coffee maker? Lock the front door? So not only do you feel bad for arriving late, you second guess yourself and worry.

How? Make sure you have either written down appointments or put them in your phone. Don’t try to do to much in one given time. Give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes of drive time, you never know what’s going on out there and if you are early they will be pleasantly surprised which makes you feel good.

Bad habit #4: Ignoring Friends and Relations

Why it’s a bad habit: Remember a friends or brothers birthday (its my brothers birthday today) or other special day makes both of you realize why you became friends in the first place. Showing you care in good times or bad makes life worth living and important for your health. Feelings of self-worth.

How? Anyone with a computer can either email, send a ecard or instant message these days. You can even set up a calendar program to remember important dates Set aside a day a month for your relatives or long distant friends. Sometimes just being a good listener makes all the difference in the world to someone you care about.

Bad habit #5: No Money Set-Aside?

Why it’s a bad habit: Due to the economy you never know when you might have to use the money in your piggy bank.

How? Feed the pig! Even if it is just a little each pay check. Don’t expect that raise or bonus this year. Most of the time additional expenses or the increased cost of living takes most of our raises anyway. When shopping compare prices either with the store brand or another store entirely. Keep track of the differences in prices, you may be surprised how much you can save. Call your credit accounts and see if they will reduce your interest rate. I know this is easier said than done, but what’s the harm in asking.

Bad habit #6: Shopaholic?

Why it’s a bad habit: Feeling down, depressed would a new pair of shoes make you feel better. Yes, even the thought of shopping creates anticipation and excitement. As soon as we have made the purchase our feeling return and sometimes we regret spending the money, buyers remorse. So we crave the anticipation again and it becomes a never ending cycle of emotions.

How? Prioritize your life, feel grateful for what you have and what’s important for your partner or children. Happiness comes from within and what we can do for others, not for compliments. Isn't that one of the main reasons you wanted those shoes so everyone would say “Those shoes are so cute. Where did you get them? I have got to get a pair of those.???? Believe me I know this makes your day.
Before whipping out your credit card, think about three things that you really could spend the money on and if you actually need to buy those Jimmy Choos. Also if you are trying to quit another habit it will be harder to resist shopping. It would be better to stay away from stores until you have kicked the other habit.

Bad habit #7: Homework

Why it’s a bad idea: This is a two way street you don’t bring your personal life into the office and you don’t bring your work home. But sometimes because of today's economy, employees feel they need to do extra work just to keep their job. It’s a delicate situation when it’s family time.

How? One question you should ask yourself are you a morning person or a night person. If you are a morning person you may want to get your homework done right away before family time because you’d rather get it off your mind and relax with your family. Or get up an hour earlier to work at home or go to the office earlier. If you are a night person you might want to work after the children retire. In either case you should communicate your schedule with your partner so everyone is on the same page. Also, get your work done within a certain time period, because you do need to relax and get a good night sleep. It's good for your mind and body.

Bad habit #8: Put Things Off

Why it’s a d habit: Looking at that stack of papers as if it were something bad to eat? You get tied in knots just thinking about it? What are you afraid of…failure? Failure to make a mistake? The funny thing is once you start your project it's not as bad as you thought it was going to be. Imagine that.

How? Take the project and divide it into manageable tasks Start with the easy stuff and move on from there. Can you finish the project or are you waiting for more information? If so, start a “waiting on“ file to pend items for a future date. Is there a time limit to get the project done? Set aside a designated time to work and complete it, without interruption. Once you get it in your head that you are going to work on it time just might fly by and you will get it done before you know it.

Bad habit #9: Pack Rat

Why it’s a bad habit: Did you know some say a ‘pack rat’ is actually a medical condition? Do you feel unorganized because you can not get rid of anything? How do you find what you need and where do you put it all? Getting rid of the clutter just might make you feel more in control of your life.

How? Go through your house and ask yourself when was the last time I used/wore that. Divide your stuff into 3 piles; the good the bad and the ugly. If the ugly is old sheets, towels take them to your local human society or pitch them. The bad but still wearable/usable to the American Red Cross or Good Will store. I would also put your clothes in this category. The bad and the ugly are tax deductible, so keep a list with what you think the items are worth today. Turbo Tax has a list available with their software program.

Now the good stuff I would say household items even that old chair can be taken to your local auction dealer. If you have enough items they might even come and pick the stuff up. Also you could try to sell really good clothes or small household goods on eBay. Like a bunch of baby clothes or that antique toaster. You never know how much it's worth to someone else.

For your mementos, that you just can’t part with, put them in plastic bins or easily stackable containers. Some of my mementos are in decorative boxes I keep stacked in my bedroom. Remember everything has it place and it makes us feel better knowing we can rely on it being there when we need it.

Just remember you can break these 9 Bad Habits with baby steps and a positive attitude.