Thursday, January 22, 2009

ABC News: Sarkozy's Secret: Exercise Improves Sex Life

ABC News: Sarkozy's Secret: Exercise Improves Sex Life

Cedric Bryant, chief science officer for The American Council on Exercise, said that Sarkozy's trainer is likely recommending "the same pelvic floor exercises that many pregnant women are familiar with that their obstetricians will have them do.

"Most people have probably heard of Kegel exercises. ... These could certainly help with sexual function," he said. "It is not shocking that he would do this as an adjunct to a normal exercise routine to provide this adjunct benefit."

Pelvic floor activation has other benefits as well, fitness contributor Stefan Aschan added. "Building your pelvic floor activation to create a stable environment, you create a strong platform to execute movement correctly without injuring yourself," he said.

It might not be just pelvic floor exercises that can lead to better sex. Bryant said that a number of studies have explored the links between exercise in general and enhancing sexual performance.